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    At the moment everything looks fine. Used clonzilla to take an image, verified it, everything ok.

    After that, restored that image, verified again, everything ok.

    Replaced the old drive with the new drive, everything ok and OMV working fine.

    Thanks for your help

    No, I did not verify (think there was no option for that in "not expert" mode)

    Yes, used same port, cable, place....

    Clonezilla was not started on omv hardware (cause no other free sata port), the new drive ist larger than the old

    sry for asking again. Used Clonezilla (live from usb) and cloned the drive in beginner mode disk2disk... but after connecting the new drive system tells me about many many errors on sda1. After changing back to the original drive everything is working again (no errors).

    Got no errors during cloning...

    Ideas what went wrong, or what to change?

    sry for a maybe stupid question... never cloned a linux system before.

    After a successful cloning process I connected the new drive and started the system... and can only see a blinking "j" on the screen...

    what went wrong? or what can I do better?

    Allright, I will start with cloning the drive. Maybe I will come back to this thread after I checked back if my plex data is on the system drive, or on the data drive. Allready checked that - Database is on another hdd...


    Dear all,

    SMART monitoring of my omv main system hdd starts to report prefail errors which is not good....

    I would like to replace it asap. I have only a few plugins installed, but i'm worried about my Plex db or that the plex data would be gone...

    I found this thread: RE: Replacement main drive

    and would start with cloning my hdd (to same or bigger size) - any other suggestions?

    Thanks in advance

    Dear all,
    on my good old OMV 2.x I used rsync to split a folder from one big hdd to two smaller hdds using the include and exclude patterns.
    after setting up a new OMV 4 these patterns throw a exeption and rsync doesnt work anymore.

    Maybe someone can help me why the patterns dont work anymore?

    In the source there are folders with subfolder and files, and I would like to divide the source at a certain folder ...
    all folders from source starting with a number to folders starting with the Sj should go to target 1
    all folders from source starting with Sk to Z should got to target 2
    my problem was that the pattern should only divide at the "top or main" folders, not the subfolders or files... so a file from source in a folder "TTT" with the Name "abc.txt" should go completly to target 2...

    On OMV 2.x I used the following patterns:
    to Target 1" contenteditable="false">Quellcode: Rsync Action1 => to Target 1Quellcode bearbeiten

    [*]--include "/[0-S][a-j]*/**" --exclude "/[S-Z]*/**"

    --include "/S[k-z]*/**" --exclude "/[0-S]*/**"

    But if I start them on OMV 4.x I get the following exeption:

    I would be very thankful if anyone can help me with that.

    The folder "plexmediaserver" has its place on one of the data-hdds not on the system-hdd (sorry if that was not clear in my first post)

    Midnight Commander is not installed yet../ And I'm not firm using it.
    What can I do to check file/folder rights without it?

    I allready did copy the plexmediaserver folder to plexmediaserver_backup (on the same drive).

    ok, and how do you suggest to do this the right way? (for a linux noob)

    something like that?

    cp -r /media/9a68130d-d887-430f-80d8-81621bd9b3ef/plexmediaserver /media/9a68130d-d887-430f-80d8-81621bd9b3ef/plexmediaserver_backup

    Any access-right problems to be expected If I dothis the other way as a restore - if something wents wrong?

    Dear all,

    after a long and good time with OMV 2 I decided to move on to OMV 4. I used a new system -hdd and made a fresh install.
    After installing the Plex-plugin I'm not sure if I simply could activate plex with the same plex-data-folder than before (with a complete other OMV and plex version) and what will happen after that ....

    Any suggestions, hints or case studies ;-) ? Did anyone try that?

    Thanks in advance

    Dear geaves,

    I'm speachless... why does a extension that exists to shutdown a system - start the system?
    That was really completly out of my sight... but what is wrong there?
    I had the same settings like on my old OMV2 system, what could be wrong? Any additional Ideas for my nut settings?

    By the way - thanks for your post!

    Dear all,

    after a long (and good) time with OMV 2 I decided to switch over to OMV 4 (4.1.22-1).
    I took out the old OMV-2-SystemHDD, connected a new hard drive and installed OMV4 using a USBstick.
    After that I opened the WebGui and changed some settings - putting the to same state like in my old OMV2... simple things like IP adress, DNS, Wake-On-Lan, but also OMVextras. I installed & activated the Nut Plugin and restarted after that..
    Everything fine... After doing some things I tried to shutdown the machine using the WebGui, System shuted down... but after 2-3sec. It started again
    So I tried a shutdown from shell - same after 2-3 seconds the machine started again..

    So I tried to find the problem...
    WOL? 1. deactivated 2. Pulled network cable... did not help
    Bios? Why should it? Everything worked fine within OMV2?
    After that I changed the harddrive back to the one with OMV 2, started the system could shut it down as it should be... using the WebGui

    Now I have three things that change:
    1.) Hard-Drive
    2.) OMV-Version
    3.) restarting system

    Can anyone give me hint what I can do to get a OMV 4 System that accepts a shutdown? :)

    Thanks for your help in advance

    Dear all,
    I have a folder structure like this: (examples)


    and would like to divide this to two diverent shares via rsync... But I hav problems to get it working with include /exclude...

    I would like to split it up at the Subfolders, I would like to have the Subfolders starting from "0" to "Sj" as one part an starting with "Sk" to "Z" the other...

    Maybe someone can help me/give me a hint..?!?!

    I tried something like

    --include "/[0-S][a-j]*/**" --exclude "/[S-Z]*/**" but that doesn't work... Subfolders starting with "Al" are not included
    what can I do, to do it right? ?(

    Thanks for your help in advance