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    sorry i missed it, btw

    If you have 220 GiB of logs in daemon.log, logrotate is not the issue. I would look to see what is logging so much.

    yep, i think it's samba issue.. i set the log level to "debug" :)

    now i fix it, i'll put solved if tomorrow i don't have the same problem

    Is the SMB/CIFS daemon running?

    ps ax | grep smbd

    yep obv. I manually restart the service more than once.

    as i said before the strange thing is that without the ldap (of plugin directory) the samba works fine and listens on 139.

    With ldap setting, it doesn't listen on any port,

    if i search on log i don't see anything..

    neither systemd journal no warning or error..

    Ty in advance

    EDIT: solved,

    i found:
    smbldap_search_domain_info: Adding domain info for XXXX failed with NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL

    and fixed it

    ty votdev

    Hello guys,

    after putting my settings ldap through the plugin directory service I no longer have access to any share of samba. (the ldap work fine with user and groups)

    But not at the level of users or permissions, but rather I do not see any share, I have "refused access" to linux and offline from windows (I enclose screen)

    I thought after I connected it does not listen on netbios samba / share as windows doors? (135-139, 445) or am I wrong?

    my netstat:

    EDIT: if i disable the plugin directory service:

    tcp 0 0* LISTEN 5270/smbd

    Post your /etc/network/interfaces here.


    I noticed that the documentation of the wiki is lacking compared to the many details that can be found on the forum.

    If you want I can help filling and arranging the documentation wiki as is on the forum.

    Even update, plugin, commands such as omv-xxxxx.

    I think that this will help the community to benefit from better information, you to link without rewriting and a better use of the forum, less random and more cleaning.


    What exactly have you removed? Maybe i can adapt this in OMV3. Please open a bugfix/feature report here:

    Before request a feature i'll try to explain, maybe i am wrong.

    I don't remove anything.

    if you check the official debian wiki:

    I just install libnss-ldap and then put my ldap info into /etc/libnss-ldap.conf
    (and work well, only we have too much user and the web-gui timed out in the section user, but with a simple filter like "base(or map) passwd ou=somefilter,o=cdcd,=dc=caaca,dc=de" we have a working user web-gui section)

    in the wiki configuration section:


    If you specified rootbinddn you need to put the LDAP admin password in /etc/ldap.secret with mode 600 (rw-------).

    Yep. On OMV 2.x, the reset permissions tab is installed by omv-extras. On OMV 3.x, it is its own plugin called openmediavault-resetperms (should show up in plugin list after installing omv-extras).

    OK ty,

    last thing, after i don't brother you anymore.. there is a way to install directly OMV3?
    (because i don't need any plugin, just ngnix one a maybe in the future some things to backup OMV files)

    The OMV3 use wheezy? use new kernel? (because i have a very new machine and components, so i prefer new kernel and driver)

    EDIT: found it, OMV3 is on debian jessie, i'll install this version.

    Btw i'am considering to install proxmox before and then create a vm with OMV3.. this configuration can permit to snapshot machine with any problem, plus use the system with other vm o container. It's like your configuration?

    Nope, no good info on dmesg.

    I manage to force an IP on my local network (dhcp stucked at updating smb,conf but i have access to local and internet)

    I manage to do "apt-get update" and

    but when i go to apt-get update i have "dpkg was interrupted, you must run dpkg --configure -a"

    every time i try dpkg --configure -a it remain stuck at generating initramfs...

    it's time to reinstall omv? :(

    EDIT=i try "update-initramfs -k all -u -v"

    now is stuck on "bulding cpio "/boot/initrd.img- initramfs"