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    Hi OMV-community !

    I want to use the borgbackup plugin but i do not arrive in specifying my SSH-Key and the SSH port.

    On the command line the following works well:

    export BORG_RSH='ssh -i /root/myborgkey.ED2551 -p 2228'
    borg info myuser@myhost.sld.tld:/mypath/borg/repo

    But i do not find the way to tell the borgbackup plugin about the ssh key and port to use.

    Can someone point me into the right direction?

    Yours Gerd

    Hi Forum,

    i do not find how to switch the webUI to TLS/SSL on my relatively new installation omv 6.0.27-1.

    I have successfully imported SSL-certifictes under "system -> certificates -> ssl

    I have read that switching to SSL should be done under "general settings" but there is no such menu entry on my system.

    Either i am totally blind, or something is wrong with my setup.

    Any Hints? Thanks for any input ...


    Hi OMV Community,

    i would like to try photoprism. Installation worked like a charm! Thanks You very much for that great piece of Software, both omv and the prism plugin!!!!!

    I have some questions concerning the podman container that is used for the plugin as i never came across podman before:

    1) In the the photoprism documentation there are some config options mentioned which only can be altered in the docker-compose.yml file. Whats the corresponding file with podman and (how) can i alter it?

    2) Can I update the container (as i would do "docker-compose pull") or can i only install updates of the omv-photoprism plugin?

    3) (How) can i run commands inside the container?