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    **** RESOLVED.... likely ***

    On OMV 6x with all latest updates as of 12-17

    I had a Raspberry Pi 4b 2gig take a dive on me while doing maintenance on my Raspi Server stack. No idea what happened... just dead as fried chicken. Argh.

    So, I had a spare 1gb I wanted to use since I never see OMV suck up more than 1gb of men. I'm not a power used. I mostly use OMV for data storage and scheduled backups for work and maker stuff on scheduled file copy jobs. Really, I've been into Raspi for just about a year and bought up a bunch just before the shortage really kicked in. Use one for home Assistant, Nems and octoprint. Some make projects too....kinda stuff. I'm a systems integrator in communications so I am tecnical but.... Still learning Linux. Just thought it would be crazy cool to have a NAS on a Pi and OMV looked like a learning opportunity and...the price was right😜

    Ok.. seems like OMV is booting. Slapped a display on it. Was not happy I had the drives disconnected.... (2 1tb SSDs and 1 1tb old WD cavier I've made useful again from old desktop. I've connected the drives and it looks like I have 2 errors during boot. I'll attach screens as well.

    Timed out waiting for device /d#594e7d....... Bunch more numbers and letters...see attachment

    Dependency failed for file File Syst#594e7d....yada yada yada

    Dependency failed for /srv/dev-594e7d yada yada yada

    Then this one

    Failed to start wait for network to be configured

    See systenctrl status system-networkd-wait-online.service for deta....

    After that it says ok (green) reached target network is online.

    Ok, so before I connected display In thought... I had the IP assigned in router so I cleared that and bounced. Nada... obviously. Did the if config and IP addr stuff and saw it wasnt grabbing an IP at all. Went back to make sure the spare Raspi I moved to didn't have Mac address reserved to another IP on router.

    Then I noticed the nic lights were just on...on Raspi and not did a eth0 up command and flicking started but it didn't grab an IP. At that point...I was tired after a long day of geek tweaking so I grabbed a 7" display I had waiting for a project some day lol...and a keyboard and made sure the display would work with no drivers needed or anything. It did... would've chapped my hide if it did lol.

    Now that I've seen the boot process and failures...couple of questions and request for advice on how to proceed. The shortest path.

    Question - in reading the boot errors my first instinct is... Does the OMV network config get tied to the NICs Mac address or...I'm I fishing in the right pond here? Did something get corrupted? I now there's the config file used by OMV that I'm just haven't cracked open yet. Being a systems integrator for very complex software (call center management and analytics) I know better then to just start tweaking config files unless I'm certain as to what I'm doing. Things can go south fast.

    Dumb question but.. if drives are plugged back in specifically to original USB ports...does OMV get pissy about it? I have one SSD plugged directly into Pi USB port and then a 1 SSD Plugged into a 4 port USB 3.2 powered hub along with the WD HDD with USB sata cable.

    Advice. It anyone knows a quick fix on can send me down the right path well may just be my new best friend. If this is gonna end up being a bloody mess and I should just make an re-image a new OMV SD and start's not the end of the world. Really... I have about 600gb of data spread out on the 3 drives. The 2 SSDs have just about identical data on them and I just brought the HDD into the mix. I could easily... Take the time to.... Use a Pi and a Raspbian box to make sure all the data was in one drive...since they are all EXT4...and start over. I'm not i a crazy rush. Just aggravated.

    Also..mitigating factor. I had a old 500gb WD ext HDD configed on system and removed it. Followed the steps removing the shares and stuff so I could remove the drive but idk...maybe I saw something shiny or had to multitask which men should do and now... Drive is kinda stuck in the system and I kinda wanna get rid of it. Didn't seem to be causing issues but it annoys me.

    Dumb question again.... If I rebuild and start fresh..I can't just mount drives and data should still be there... Right? I'm still gonna back it all up old school way but yea... pretty sure I'm right. OMV doesn't do some neat and whizzy stuff when it's used on OMV that kills data when it's moved..right? I was able to take that 500gb drive and pop in Raspi desktop and see data and clean it up.

    So...that's about it? Feel like I'm kinda cheating here asking all ya all to help me out but...would be a lot easy to take time to research issue and figure it out but... My damn real job is so time consuming... Lol. I have so many other maker projects I'm trying to get to ask well. Got a bit of a pet peeve with this new stuff I'm learning. I love all the open source stuff I'm finding and learning. Raspis are great! But... Things like OMV... I know they dev this stuff for free and when it's good I trow them so $$$ but... The docs! The docs assume the users have near expert level knowledge as the devs do. There's a lot of noobs and part time hobbyist, especially with things like Raspi and Arduino... Would be nice if they could spell things out a bit better. OMV doc can be daunting and i assume might even scare some people off. I love learning new stuff but then again...I work 10 to 12 hour days. Would be helpful for some easy buttons or resources like links to YouTube videos on a subject. That helps a lot. Bloody Home Assistant..they have maybe a page or a few sentences on a subject that is confusing more than helpful!

    Ok...I'm venting. Appreciate any help or advice in advanced. I'm always pay my debts lol. Help me hit that easy button and you'll be my new best friend with benefits. Wait... That doesn't sound right. You know I mean. I'll bend over to help you if I can