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    Esse é o comportamento esperado, o OMV usa mdadm, ataque de software, ao contrário do ataque de hardware, que suporta troca a quente.

    Simplesmente 'puxar' uma unidade de uma matriz de trabalho resultará na inatividade da matriz, isso pode ser confirmado na linha de comando e executando cat /proc/mdstat

    There's some stuff I can see from how to adjust the raid in this case,

    Goodnight! I need a hellp, in Openmediavault version 6.0.24 X64. When creating the RAID 1 (Mirror) and performing the File Systems configuration and the samba service, everything 100% working without problems. When removing a disk from the machine, the interface does not list the created RAID, I have no access to the files that were added to the disks in RAID. any tips on how to configure RAID 1 in the tool so that, if any disk fails, access to files continues