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    i installed it in the meanwhile on my VM... getting this result: (any ideas ?)

    udp058121uds login: root
    Login incorrect
    udp058121uds login: admin
    Last login: Thu Aug 14 17:59:38 CEST 2014 from X.X.X.X on pts/0
    Linux udp058121uds 3.2.0-0.bpo.4-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 3.2.57-3+deb7u2~bpo60+1 x86_64
    The programs included with the Debian GNU/Linux system are free software;
    the exact distribution terms for each program are described in the
    individual files in /usr/share/doc/*/copyright.

    Debian GNU/Linux comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY, to the extent
    permitted by applicable law.
    No directory, logging in with HOME=/
    This account is currently not available.
    Session closed.

    I really looking forward to the release of "Kralizec with Wheezy and with the kernel 3.2 already installed" :-) at the moment everything runs quit stable, so that there is no need to install the Backports Kernel with Kralizec.

    Everything looks quit good, i would like to have a "in-Shell" Plugin which was quit usefull in the past (i´m coming from freenas) this makes it easier to administrate the system instead of configuring a remote ssh connection using putty, dyndns and everthing from my work computer in the office. Just login into the webfrontend, using the shell plugin and everything is fine :-)

    By the way.. i changed from Freenas to OMV because i was not able to backup the data to my external connected USB drive. this is one of the main features because i did the change. (this is still not configured / used (because i´m still copying the Data back to my OMV HDD´s. i´m looking forward to configure and test this feature.

    Good Morning,

    well, i installed Backports 3.2. yesterday evening and everything worked fine. Checking the version of the included Intel Network Driver within the 3.2 showed version 2.x so i decided to change this and replace it with the actual Intel Driver 3.x everything fine ! I guess that the problem with not recognizing the driver installed before the Backport Installation (which i solved with modprobe in the rc.local) is also solved, because the usage of rc.local is not needed anymore.

    Great support guys, thank you, problem solved, and now i´m a bit wiser then before :-)

    Thread can be closed here (but this does not mean, that i´m not going to have more questions in the near future ;-)

    OMV 0.5 is very stable. So there will be no 0.6 - we're going to OMV 1.0. So you can install 0.5 without problems. If you want to wait, you've just to wait some weeks.

    I'm trusting OMV. I got more than 70.000 images on that - it's my archive! So it has to be stabel for me! :D

    I think i´m gonna install the Backport today and hopefully this solves my networt card driver problem.If i still have to wait a few weeks until Wheezy with Kralizec comes out.. i will wait :-)

    Don't do it, if you don't need to. ;) When your hardware is working, there is no need a backport-kernel. So it depends on your hardware. Take a look at mine. My HP Microserver Gen7 works without problems. If I would buy a HP Microserver Gen8 I would need backport-kernels on OMV 0.5.

    I have a Asus Board H87I Plus with an Intel I3 running, 8 GB RAM and a 160 GB SATA Drive (System) 2 x 4 TB Segate Data HDD`S ST4000VN000 in Mirror

    I had problems directly first time installing the network card Intel I217 this was the only problem with the hardware. my solution to solve this problem..
    modprobe an older driver in the rc.local. this works more or less good... but the network traffic seems to be very slow.

    Some other problems with share rights / CIFS shares... but this is software related..

    Hi David,

    thanks for explaining.

    It looks like that i have installed Sardaukar. Is Wheezy already available and if yes is it more or less stable and do you suggest to install it ?
    Will it be easy to update Sardaukar => Wheezy ?

    Or do you suggest to install Backport 3.2 on Sardaukar (Will this be the only way to update everything at the moment in case that Wheezy is still not available / not suggested to install because still in testing / instable?)

    Thanks and Greetings


    A backport is a something new that is ported back to an older system.

    In this example, the kernel has been backported from a newer Debian release to the old Squeeze release.


    i´m quit new with all this linux stuff and NAS Systems based on it. Within the last days i´m still configuring my OMV (sorry, i don´t want to disturb your discussion at this point, but i need to ask this) ..and of cause i have some problems and questions as well :-) I´m a bit confused with all this versions, kernels and so on but i could say, that i´m a kind of an "update junkie" so it might be, that i could solve my problems with updating the system..!? Squeeze, Whezzy, Jessi... debian 6 and 7 backports kernel....

    I installed the OMV using the latest Image last weekend. As far as i understand this runs under debian 6 (Squeeze, Whezzy, Jessi ???) OMV 0.5.53 !? ok, OMV extras is installed... there is a button and i could install Backports 3.2 kernel.. What is this ? is it debian 7 (Squeeze, Whezzy, Jessi ?) with OMV 0.5.53 installing this... will this destroy my current setup ? Could it be that afterwards all my Plugins are not running again ? (Plex, OC, Exrplorer) what about the Data Access.. on my HDD´s ? I had also already problems with the general OMV Setup, GRUB Loader is not installed but the other one... LIMS !? or so.. sorry, but all this is a bit confusing.. is there someone who will be able to explain me a bit and clarify this new stuff (for me) ? By the way.. at the moment it seems that everything is running more or less....

    Thanks in advance and greetings from Germany :-)

    I have also a H87i Plus running and tried to install OMV first time last weekend.

    Network Adpt was not found and i´m very new in all this with Linux using shell commands and so on... it was not so easy to make it run.
    Finally i found an older Version of a already compiled Intel Driver. I could make it run until the next reboot, because i guess that
    of this driver version (the driver itself) the system didn´t saved the settings and lost everything.

    I downloaded the latest intel version, but i could not make it run / compile maybe because of missing knowledgement with linux. So i found
    a solution somewhere in a newsforum.. which explained how to modify the rc.local a kind of "autostart" that loaded my driver version
    every time after a reboot at the end of the hole init process (loading the system).

    I would still like to use the latest intel driver, but i dont know how to comiple correctly. I´m just glad that everything is more or less working right now.