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    After some more digging, I found this guide:

    [How-to] Use the openmediavault-remotemount plugin - Guides - openmediavault

    I believe I have made some progress as shown below:

    Hoewever, I cannot complete the last paragraph (see step marked below):

    • Go to Storage>Shared folders> Click on + Add
      • In Name: Enter a name for the folder
      • In Device: Select the folder mounted in remotemount
      • In Path: Simply write "/" (without quotes)

    My remote folder isn't showing up as a File system.

    I am guessing that I am getting closer now...

    Any suggestions?

    I believe I have made some progress now. I have added the remote mount plugin. Then I have added two NFS shares under Storage -> Shared Folders as shown below.

    Now, I can see both shares when I go to Services-> NFS -> Shares, but I can't complete the step shown below.

    Basically, I am failing to add a valid value to the Client field.

    I was under the impression that it should be my local subnet like, but that fails on save.

    Am I on the right track? What am I missing?

    Thank you for the feedback. Somehow the forum never notified me that there is any feedback. Sorry about my slow response,

    I want to consolidate my file shares to make them easier to manage. Is that something OMV can do?

    macom I have only created one share to mount one NFS share. So, I need to create a second share before I can actually see it?

    raulfg3 Happy to read more if I would know where to look and what to read,

    I have installed the most recent ISO successfully, but I am somewhat confused by the configuration. Basically, I have already mounted two nfs shares (share1 and share2) to /export/share1 and /export/share2. I can access both shares using the command shell an everything seems to be in order, but I ccannot find the mounts in OMV.

    What am I missing?

    Thank you for any feedback!