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    I am constantly running into issue with the web interface. I have installed using a USB thumb drive as boot. I have zraid-1 and seemingly they are working. I connect to omv server via ssh as well as the web interface. Although my SSH connection stays connected, every time that I use the web interface, about 2 minutes after login, I get an error message "Software Failure. Press Left button to continue". When I click they button, I am back to the dashboard, but about 30 seconds later, I am back to the same error.

    I have updated to the latest and still no joy! Is this an issue that I having or has anyone run into problem.

    have had similar, clear browsers cache or try on different browser, might help

    ok, installed OMV on external SSD and RAID info isnt populated right, all disks are shown ok tho.

    Originally it was RAID5 on 4x 2TB and was showing up as something above 7TB (on original Thecus OS), now is showing only 2TB and RAID1

    Any idea why?



    No. I wouldn't go any smaller than 4GB and would try for at least 8GB.


    many thanks,

    would you know if I can use lets say 480GB (SSD as I've seen it works with N5550)?

    and would LED / LCD solutions for N5550 work with N4800Eco by any chance?

    Sorry for asking so much, its a pretty new thing to me and there was no posts related to N4800Eco:)



    Hi guys,

    As I've bricked original f/w on my Thecus N4800Eco and as cant get any help from their tech support, going to go ahead with OMV and got a few questions before I start:

    1. would 1GB DOM be enough or need to replace it with bigger one and if there is size limitation?

    2. would LEDs and LCD work 'right out of the box' or it would require additional s/w (apparently N5550 from other topic does)

    Thanks in advance,


    I replaced the dom with an SSD which will fit easily on top of the drive cage in a closed enclosure. My N5550 has 4GB of memory and runs OMV6 without issue. Load is minimal, cpu can handle it plenty. Also have the HDD leds and lcd display functional, which is real nice.

    heya mate, how did you power up your SSD? got plenty of SSDs lying around and would love to re-use one of these in my N4800Eco. Cheers