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    concerning the svdrphosts.conf I was able to fix by removing the range. This seems strange to me as it was in this format but commented out. This solved that error

    The other error with the // I am still having trouble with.

    I tried

    cd /var/lib/vdr/plugins/live



    shows nothing

    HK-47, thanks a bunch for helping me out!!!
    I really want to get this to work as I do not want to keep my mythTV box running in addition to this one. If VDR goes well, I will be upgrading to a bigger machine.

    I noticed a few errors in my syslog. Does anyone have a moment to help clear these up

    Jun 18 23:08:29 OMV64 vdr: [7457] ERROR: error in /var/lib/vdr/svdrphosts.conf, line 14

    Jun 18 23:08:29 OMV64 vdr: [7465] [live] INFO: attempt to listen on ip = ''
    Jun 18 23:08:29 OMV64 vdr: [7465] [live] ERROR: Unable to load cert/key (/var/lib/vdr/plugins/live/live.pem//var/lib/vdr/plugins/live/live-key.pem): No such file or directory

    Jun 18 23:08:29 OMV64 vdr: [7457] ERROR (lirc.c,45): /var/run/lirc/lircd: No such file or directory
    Jun 18 23:08:29 OMV64 vdr: [7457] ERROR: remote control LIRC not ready!

    I did manage to get vdr-adminAM working by changing the port number, re-inputting the credentials, saving, then showing. It did take 5 tries to get it to start. No epg info is showing. This makes me think that the ATSC configuration in VDR is not correctly working.

    Streamdev had an update, which was installed, and I suspect it was to remove duplicate entries.

    Live still has the ERROR header too large

    I am still working on this. I tried a few more things. Cleared all duplicates in the streamdevhosts.conf. Verified privileges to VDR and VDR-admin and video just to cover all options. Then ran tail -f /var/log/messages which I found in some documentation here http://projects.vdr-developer.…tree/INSTALL?h=stable/2.0

    I tried removing duplicate entries and restarting the service. I can get w_scan to pull in channels but none of the Extras seem to be running when I do a port scan. How do I know if VDR is running correctly?

    Have you or anyone been successful installing myth-tv backend on OMV. I relly don't want to destroy my set up if conflicts come up. I have not been able to make VDR work with ATSC so this seemed like the next logical solution. Thanks

    No rush. Thanks. I turned ddns off on my dd-wrt when trying to configure for googles nameserver. Then I discovered that they require https. I would be happy to test it out soon. Just need to work out some other kinks in my network.

    edit , just realized freedns and afraid are the same. ha

    Can I get some help? I am trying to use the vdr plugin with OMV. I have enabled the plugin as well as the extras. My card is an wintv hvr-1250. I use this card in a different linux machine regularly. I am able to get a scan of my local atsc channels. I have set the permissions on my "record" folder to read-write for both vdr and vdradmin-am.

    With live I get Error header too large

    With steamdev, nothing happens

    With vdradmin, Im occasionnally able to login. Sometimes I get an error message.

    Can't connect to VDR at localhost:6419: IO::Socket::INET: connect: Connection refused
    Please check if VDR is running and if VDR's svdrphosts.conf is configured correctly.

    I have tried enabling and disabling vdr, as well as all of the extras, individually to see if a any combination is successful.

    Here is my syslog if this helps. Thanks for any ideas!

    So I recieved an email stating " Execution succeeded Service apache2" Then I logged in and found all to be working. Next email said " Exists Service apache2"
    What did I do wrong to start this?
    What probabley happened?
    How can I prevent this in the future?

    You are Awesome! Thank you so much!

    Am I safe to reboot or will this be needed each time?

    I had a power outage and couldn't properly restart. I think the actual problem was uninstalling different plugins over the last few weeks. Possibly the one for an extra webpage. My smb and transmission are accessible. I can no longer access the web GUI. is there a way to fix this or should I re-install

    I attempted to go freenas because i picked up a disc at a linuxcon. After about 10hrs scattered over a few weekends, I had only installed the os and spent most of the time looking up definitions on the wiki to bsd lingo.

    btw your sig is great, ive been laughing on that one