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    I' m having problems with the WiFi interface of my Raspberry Pi 3.

    It does not work from the GUI interface. It seems to be a Problem with drivers. The only solution I see is to configure the wpa_supplicant.conf and / etc / network / interfaces
    But it is a nuisance and unintuitive. Have it a solution?

    Leave a catch.

    I want to keep the value in 15" to prevent attacks by brute force, since I access from the outside.

    For example,

    LoginGraceTime > Not work (The value is still 120)
    MaxAuthTries > Not work (I try all the times that you want without receiving any disconnection. The value is still 6)
    MaxSessions > Not work (I set up the connections that I want, max 10, without blocking me. The value is still 10)
    MaxStartups > Not work (I can open all the terminals you want without receiving any blockade due to excess of simultaneous connections.)

    These options are not a substitute that is there by default, simply add them to /etc/ssh/ssh_config, but the default values are maintained.