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    I also get an error, I tried apt cleaning and a reboot.

    Yes I know about the wildcard * but I thought when not selected the checkbox behind it, that parameter wont be used.
    I will try with everything checked, and everything checked out to see if it makes sense.

    @Solo0815 I'm dutch and can understand german very well, talking back is a bit difficulter for me :)

    Simply by turning the jobs all off, save config, then turn all on, they work again.But I dont know if the stopping, because I'm getting every minute when a job started mail.I now checked out the mail notification. I dont know whats going wrong here.

    they are all the same in text


    Please wait, syncing <rsync://> to </media/17f874e3-a771-4626-8446-5a3b471e8abc/BCKNAS/Downloads/> ... receiving incremental file list sent 303 bytes received 77168 bytes 51647.33 bytes/sec total size is 33669547284 speedup is 434608.40

    root@OMV:~# cat /etc/cron.d/openmediavault-rsync
    # m h dom mon dow user command
    */5 * * * * root /var/lib/openmediavault/cron.d/rsync-7b793b58-dee6-4c48-9f03-e703046cdaf7
    */0 */2 * * * root /var/lib/openmediavault/cron.d/rsync-5daee158-6a68-48c4-b643-7b78c61d441e
    */4 */4 * * * root /var/lib/openmediavault/cron.d/rsync-425ccdd2-9bc0-4026-ba18-27e443ef4bf7
    5 * * * * root /var/lib/openmediavault/cron.d/rsync-dfe2134c-025a-46fd-885b-df1fe5481987

    I have made some pull tasks which are doing fine when I test them, and also start by hand they sync.

    But when checking on the minute parameter, and say 5, it does not sync or try to sync every 5 minutes.
    In the syslog:

    Aug 18 12:33:01 OMV cron[2506]: Error: bad minute; while reading /etc/cron.d/openmediavault-rsync

    what is going wrong? Even with the hour set it not work.

    Ok but restoring is a thing, it has to work of course. My plan is to back it up to the other thin client on an empty disk same size. I will search for a command to wake the other up over lan. And also for a shutdown of course...

    well, I actually decided to use the T610 as kodi box for now, maybe with a second t610 I will transform it into nas.
    For now, a little question about backing up the OMV, is snapshotting or complete scheduled backups better to do....It would be nice if I somehow can wakeup the kodi box at night, and backup the OMV to a disk in het kodi box and after that shutting it down. IS that possible, whats the best way?

    Actually I have a T610 which has acceptable good AMD cpu and gpu. I'm doutbting to set it up as NAS or as KODI device, because my older T5740 isn't well for kodi and stuck on old XBMC.
    The DOM's are holding good, they have wear-levelling algorytm
    As omv nas does my T5740 very well, perform very good and is completly quit. Only 1 hdd fits inside.
    the T610 has 2 sata connectors and ide 44 pin. so maybe more drives but dont think it will fit 2 drives. It is possible but it will be very full with wiring, and probably to hot.

    ok so 64 bit will not give me any performance of something?
    Maybe services as sabnzbd, domoticz, or maybe virtual machines?

    And how about build things up as new, connect harddisk, wil it mount with shares and data?


    I have a other thin client,which I would like to install OMV on.
    What is the best way to transfer from my old NAS?

    The installation disk on the new thin client is larger, now I have 2gb and the other disk is 16gb (maybe partion of 4gb for OS and rest as little harddisk or just for full use OS?)
    I would like to keep my data on the disk for now on, can I put over the HDD, will OMV detect it and give me all data and shares back?

    What is the best order, my thought are:

    Create image from old OMV with acronis and save it to usb stick
    Use G-parted to make the OS partition on new NAS
    Put image on new NAS
    Shutdown new NAS and install harddisk
    Start new NAS ?

    Or is it better to create a system backup on the old NAS en install new OMV on new NAS and restore system backup? (I dont know how restore exactly goes)

    I tried a ssd card in this slot and didn't work. I think because the slot has no data controller, and the ssd card also not. Only newer netbook notebooks have them I quess.
    That card says it is a sata controller. On eBay are cheaper versions like this, also with 22pin sata. Maybe is that something?