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    That's a full height pcie adapter, maybe it's gonna fit but then I have to remove the clamp on the motherboard and make a new one to serve full height. There is some space left for it.
    And the thing doesn't supply power.
    So of the half size msata ssd so t work, no problem at all. It would be nice to use the capability if possible.

    Maybe it's better to find the…=1407647271&robot_redir=1

    Expansion module kit but most of the are listed in the USA, so shipping is around 2x the price of the module itself and 3x the price I paid for the whole thin client...if someone has closer contacts who sell these thing let me hear! (uk / Europe )

    Hello to all, I'm from the Netherlands so excuse already for my bad english.

    I was searching for a small NAS for at home. I have not much space, and it should fit in the cabinet where my TV is standing on.
    There is also my xbox, and a media player (playonhd) and a stupid double drive cheap nas thing wich is as slow as sh*t running up the hill. (copying 2 MB/s with cable) and a netgear 100/1000 8 port switch wich is connected directly on my modem.
    On my work, there where some old thin clients available, and tested them with NAS4FREE, Freenas, but that wont work fine at all. After rebooting losing drives that kind a things. Also that thin clients comes with via chipsets so I put them back in the box where I finded them.
    Searching on internet, for other NAS software, and intel thin clients brought me here My Single Drive NAS Project
    And yes, this should also be my ideal setup!
    Searched on a second hand market place and found a guy which sells older thin clients, and he had 2 of the T5740 available. I got them both for €50 complete and at home by mail.

    On one I installed Openelec/XBMC, I had first to disable the serial port otherwise it crashes with installing. Is running fine by now. Later I put in a Broadcom BCM970015 crystal hd card (msata half format) for better 1080i perfomance and yes it works really fine.

    Back to the other thin client, OMV i386 image downloaded and installed in on the internal ide DOM. Because they said it was better not to install it on a usb thumb or something, while debian will destroy that kind a drives. I choose for the internal ide dom, I couldn't find any fabric specs but found on other sites some specs that they do some dynamic wear leveling. I'm not sure about that but I take the risk.

    I shall later put in a msata ssd half format 32gb, where I shall try to clone the installation partition on.
    Also ordered a WD 2.5 red 1tb disk, the ideal disk for this system. A sata 22pin cable will connect the disk, but the one I get is to high, the cover of the thin client cant be closed. I ordered now by dealextreme a cable which looks flatter, not so high. I hope that this one allows me to close the cover, then its finished for me by now.

    Today I've updated to 1.0, and all is running fine. sabnzbd plugin is running fine on the system, copying files from my laptop with ethernet cable gives me speeds around 80 MB/s so I'm very happy with that. I streams perfectly to the other T5740 with XBMC / no drive. Maybe later, I will add a green drive to the xbmc one, to rsync the xbmc to. But the xbmc with the crystal hd card and without harddisk, is getting a lot hotter than the OMV with drive.
    Maybe is the 1.5tb green of my playonHD better, usb backup, enclosure it. I have to see over time what's best. The cheapest is to use the older disk as external one but because of the little space I have to do things manually and dont like that :) I will see.

    Pics of the build:

    Drawing the HDD on a small paper to get the holes, taping it on the cover to drill and cut holes.

    And yes you have to remove one of the vesa points, easily with a pliers

    I put on some spacers, to not let the disk hit the cover, you dont want the risk of short circuit anything. I couldnt get the right spacer on the photo because the magnet in it moves that ring automatically :)

    You need really flat screws otherwise the platic cover wont fit anymore, I cut some longer screws shorter for it.

    The disk mounted on the cover

    Here the thin client slots, showing a SATA 22 pin, IDE 44 pin DOM, mini pci-e / msata half format slot, and a full PCI-E slot, wich can be used for a HP Expansion module, which makes your thin client wider and allows to attach a pci-e card like videocard or network card that kind a things.
    If I can get one cheap I will buy one, allows me maybe to build a raid or other nice things.

    Ok Nice.
    Underwhile I placed the red hdd, and give me about 76-82 MB/s write speed, nice for single drive on thin client. I put on write cache.

    I don't know now if it was the other drive momentus or the old linksys switch what gave me 10 MB/s write speed before.

    I only made a little mistake to delete a share which was my old playonhd, it also deleted most data....clicked to fast on yes.....but can recover with getdataback...

    I have now my new WD RED 2.5'' 1tb drive in home, do I have to enable "write cache"
    Cant find if the drive this supports.

    And spin down or not to spin down?
    Its not gonna used much to write, some say the bearings will brake earlier when spinning down a lot, other say the red wont let you spin the drive down because of the firmware and so on....what is best?
    I also have a silent system with no fans in it, the momentus drive now is getting when long writing between 40-48 degrees celsius.

    OK I will give it a try when i'm home, just connect with SSH and run the rule?

    edit: im watching here extplorer the webinterface.js and already see this, what scares me

    var link = window.location.origin + ":8080";

    I do think this takes the url of the adressbar and put 8080 after it....but I shall try when I'm home soon.

    The web UI of sabnzbd is on port 8080 so of course you have to forward that port if you want to access from outside. This has nothing to do with OMV's UI on port 80.
    I guess what you meant was that you click on the web UI button on sabnzb's plugin page in OMV and just get a blank page, right?


    thats right.

    Actually when im contacting OMV by another port than 80 (als inside my network) then sabnzbd is a blank page.

    I see this now, when inspecting element. That double port is not right of course.
    What to do now huh....because the :85 port is not configured in OMV or sabnzbd, I only using it to forward from outside.

    <iframe src="" name="webclient" longsec="SABnzbd Web Client" width="100%" height="100%">&lt;br/&gt;&lt;/form&gt;&lt;/div&gt;&lt;/span&gt;&lt;/div&gt;&lt;/div&gt;</iframe>


    I've changed the omv port to port 85, because my upc router wont let me route port 80.
    Now the sabnzbd plugin, webgui does not show up. When changing it back to port 80, it appears.

    Then I looked in sabnzbd and saw the webgui port is 8080.

    So I did a little port forward trick in the router, on outside port 85 wil redirect to OMV on port 80, so far this works only not the sabnzbd page, it stays blank.

    Do I have to change the port 8080 of sabnzbd, or is it something else?

    Edit: forgot to say, but sabnzbd is in all ways not accesible both from inside and outside. From inside, when clicked on the sabnzd service.

    I have my thin clients at home now, and omv is running g by now on the 2gb Dom inside. I searched and it seems to do wear leveling. We will see.
    The momentus is now the single disk, I shall search for a larger one. But for now formatted with xfs, and writing speed is about 11MB/s maybe it can be better I have to redo my network, the old linksys router isn't good at all, and will replace it tonight. Even as my extra little switch.