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    Yes, thats what I was expecting regarding cat5e vs 10Gb based on internet chats: it will work pretty good up to 30m.

    I wonder if you have a problems with temperatures in switch or NIC, as I heard It can get high temperaturs.


    Very nice set-up!

    Have a questions regarding your experience with 10Gb network, as I'm thinking about extending my home net:

    - your NIC is based on Aquantia chip, righ? Have you have any issues with drivers or any other issues to make it work in OMV?

    - Sonnet is a copper version, which I guess can get high temperatures: have you have any problems with this?

    - What switch do you have?

    - cabling: 5e or 6a ?


    Yes, you are right: probably this is not the reason, so I will try to describe the issue.

    It's preaty new setup.

    Mobo with two NIC's (I think that might be a reason). Right now in bound mode, but same results if not.

    I install OMV5 from scractch twice with same result: if WAN is turned-of, WebUI and also nextcloud docker WebUI starts to be very slow.

    OMV shows also errors on the page and found this in openmediavault-webgui_error.log:

    *2 Fast CGI sent in stderr: "PHP message: PHP Warning: Unknown: Headers already sent. You cannot change the session module's ini settings at this time in Unknown on line 0" while reading response header from upstream, client ...(..._ server: openmediavault-webgui, request: "POST /rpc.php http/1.1",

    Interesting that I've check the router and I can see that OMV server have plenty connections opened to DNS.

    update, problem solved by comment out the "omv-extra" repo and manualy remove --purge openmediavault-couchpotato, openmediavault-plexmediaserver, openmediavault-sickbeard plugins.

    now trying to find a safe way to upgrade omv to current release , before reinstalling these plugins.Screenshot_20181231_133744.png


    How did you 'commented out' those repos?

    OMV w/o connection to internet is so slow (including dockers), that its not usable.

    I'm running 2.1 StoneBurner and the Offical OMV Sensors plugin located here is working for me.
    The plug works but only the CPU temp piece. The fans, system and MB parts are not implemented yet.

    What is different about your plugin then the one located here?

    I had this plugin working on 1.x OMV, but now it's gone.
    I'm running 2.1 Stoneburner and cannot find Official OMV Sensors on the plugin list.

    That will be grate if you could combine your work and create one plugin with CPU temps, fan speed, disks etc.
    That's missing part in Performance and Dashboard tabs, in particular if you are running headless server.

    Did a little more investigation.

    I have in /etc/default/openmediavault, variables:

    ...but on the other side here is how ssl config looks like in openmediavault-nginx:

    ssl_certificate /certs/b167d8f5-1755-4639-b0ef-f286f52451ca.crt;
    ssl_certificate_key /private/b167d8f5-1755-4639-b0ef-f286f52451ca.key;, directry and prefix for a file is inccorect.

    Correcting directory and prefix for a file fix the issue.
    But it's manuall work :(


    Fresh installation of OMV 2.1.
    Installed nginx plugin.
    Pool configured. Then trying to set new server with SSL and getting this error:

    Failed to execute command 'export LANG=C; nginx -t 2>&1': Site configuration file 'openmediavault-nginx' not found. nginx: [emerg] SSL_CTX_use_certificate_chain_file("/certs/b167d8f5-1755-4639-b0ef-f286f52451ca.crt") failed (SSL: error:02001002:system library:fopen:No such file or directory error:20074002:BIO routines:FILE_CTRL:system lib error:140DC002:SSL routines:SSL_CTX_use_certificate_chain_file:system lib) nginx: configuration file /etc/nginx/nginx.conf test failed

    what is more it crashes also OMV WebUI - it's not accessible anymore, so only omv-firstaid help to fix it.
    server w/o SSL works with any problems.

    I will post my config later today, as I do not have access to my machine right now.


    I've try to delete proftpd.conf file, reconfigure ftp through web-ui, create new share (procedure as described by -DH-) and still same result.

    is there a way to 'refresh' completly ftp configuration?

    Looks that we are going in the right direction: I've checed what I have in /srv/ftp/ and I see there old names.
    Regardless what I'm doing on 'Shares' tab in ftp (remove/add shared folder) changes are not propagated into /srv/ftp/...which means that it does not change fstab.

    What shell I check next?

    Well, could be my lack of understanding...

    What I was trying to do so far:
    (a) remove/add shares in ftp
    (b) disable/enable ftp
    (c) change privilages and ACL on shares for some folders.

    ...same result: fillezilla on client shows old folder structure regardless what was done in point (a). Folders are empty.

    Any idea where should I look to solve the issue?