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    Hi all,

    i have a little big problem :), i upgrade my N54L to the new 3.x OMV, which worked without issues, i just have one problem.

    System boots up but i don't get my eth0 up

    ifconfig shows me that

    when i do then a dhclient -v eth0 then i get a IP

    but i want the eth0 i setup which is a fixed ip and i can't run the command everytime on boot

    a cat /etc/network/interfaces gives me this which is correct

    a cat /etc/resolv.conf gives me this also correct

    # Dynamic resolv.conf(5) file for glibc resolver(3) generated by resolvconf(8)

    so what i don't understand is why i have a tun0 which i didn't setup, in webinterface after doing the dhclient -v eth0 it shows me still the correct static ip setup and also no tun0 device.

    So maybe someone has an idea how i can get my network work again as it should on bootup


    Hi all,

    i have a big issue with rsnapshot plugin, it seems that my last working backup was made on 27.11.2014 now this happens always
    in my eyes the config file looks weird or am i wrong here.
    Maybe someone has an idea what the issue is.

    Normally i have in the folder Backup_Server the folder Daten and inside then the 10_Eigene_Daten and under it the hourly, daily,........ folders, now when i start the rsnapshot it creates a folder called
    D6PAXC~5 and not Daten inside this folder i have then the 10_Eigene_Daten folder but under it there won't be something created.

    Here is the message i get and also the conf file creeated by rsnapshot

    The conf file

    Hello tekkb, are there any news about the update, are we fine now to do the update to owncloud 7.0.3-1? today i received a lot of php updates in omv, are this updates related to the issue with the owncloud update? I will still wait for your OK before i upgrade to 7.0.3-1.

    Hi i have a issue with mysql, i had to remove the 1.10 plugin and then installed it later again, but now when i want to setup mysql and then save settings i get this error

    does anyone have a idea how to change jdownloader to create subfolders? currently it downloads into the root and extracts into the root.
    In Windows it creates a subfolder for the downloaded files and then extracts also into this folder.
    Since we have no GUI beside my.jdownloader i am not able to change this setting.