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    For everyone that has done work for this project it is not a full time job, and they work tirelessly for no pay. There is not enough manpower to document everything. And the fluidity of the coding would require endless editing of any documentation. With the available resources, time is better spent coding than editing documentation. Like it or not, that is the reality of the situation.

    It is the same with the plugins, lack of resources/time. Many users will be hurt by the reliance on Docker (Portainer). You can see from watching a few of TDL's videos how many configuration issues will not be clear. I'm not implying anything negative about the videos. Just because you get a service up and running does not mean it will be configured correctly for your use. It's kind of like using virtual appliances. The plugins didn't address every configuration issue either. I think most plugins were easier/faster to setup for the end user though.

    Best wishes to everyone and be safe! Wear something over your nose and mouth! Anything is better than nothing!

    It is not a glitch. It is in the code wrong. Aaron probably copy and pasted a line of code to save time and forgot to edit in "SystemRescueCD". It is in 4.x and 3.x versions of OMV Extras.


    Aaron, I fixed it in the 3x branch and the master. I wouldn't worry about it til you push out a new version of OMV Extras.

    In command line, via putty or whatever, do the following:

    omv-firstaid (hit ENTER)

    Then there is an option to reset the graphs, new feature in OMV 4.x. Do that and see if the error goes away. I suspect rrdcached is not running correctly. This should fix it.

    Did you disable the slider under System/Monitoring in the Web GUI?

    What version of OMV? What CPU? ARM device? More info. please.


    Your sister will not get into trouble either. The ISPs mostly are monitoring file sharing sites and are probably using AI to do it. If you are not running a file sharing service you will not have issues. The ISPs can tell the difference between thousands of users downloading files and just a few users streaming.

    Yes, for the things you listed it is fine. Transcoding video or running virtual machines are some areas where you would need a better cpu.


    You are not going to get yourself in trouble with your ISP for streaming stuff from a Plex server. If you were downloading torrent files (movies) without a VPN service that is how you would get into trouble.

    That is enough info. Don't need more. Make sure that under system/monitoring the slider is green (enabled) and save it if you need to.

    Then check if these services are enabled with these commands:

    systemctl is-enabled rrdcached
    systemctl is-enabled collectd

    If they are both enabled clear your graphs and restart the services with:

    rm -r /var/lib/rrdcached/db/localhost
    rm /var/lib/rrdcached/journal/*
    systemctl restart rrdcached
    systemctl restart collectd

    If one, or both, of the services are not enabled do this and then clear the graphs with the steps just above:

    systemctl enable rrdcached
    systemctl enable collectd