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    ok as I looked further into my repositories there is no openmediavault repo in /etc/apt/sources.list from what I can tell there should be. Should all of the debian repos be commented out or just add openmediavault?

    I found a document about installing openmediavault on debian and installing to /etc/sources.list.d/openmediavault.list
    thats in the wiki. That is fine as it all looks good in that file.

    This is weird.

    I installed OMV using the install disk from the site. I understand that debian is the base system. Does OMV updates also update debian? Or do I need to run some command to do that?


    ok I guess Im not good to go.

    heres the error when it tries to update:

    2015-05-01 22:34:48 Thread-124 :: "/usr/bin/git" fetch origin returned : error: The requested URL returned error: 403 while accessing
    fatal: HTTP request failed

    When you launch the above github address it displays the same "dumb http" message as when I used the previous information I had.

    I replaced what I had with the fork info you suggested and Im good to go.
    Kind of annoying I did a backup first then a store and none of my previous info was restored.
    I ran a forced update and all looks good.

    not trying to resurrect an old thread but it is in reference to adding the fork of
    I did this and whenever sickrage checks for an update the log error is:

    2015-04-29 08:34:12 CHECKVERSION :: "/usr/bin/git" fetch origin returned : error: Couldn't resolve host '' while accessing
    fatal: HTTP request failed
    2015-04-29 08:34:12 CHECKVERSION :: Unable to contact github, can't check for update

    When I open there is a message from github stating they do not allow "dumb http transport" that was dated in 2011.

    Just seeing if other people are running into the same issue.


    ok now the issue is. In my config everything should have been good by default but unfortunatly when I try to access sickbeard from (ip):8081
    nothing loads but doesnt give page not found error. I can access from IP/sickbeard though.

    any ideas? general configuration page does show port 8081 in sickbeard.
    **added info**
    IP:8081/sickbeard does work though. Just noticed that.

    awesome. thanks

    now I have an issue where I can not access the folder. I try to and it gives me errors.
    I would guess its a permission issue but do not know how to check that in openmediavault.

    so to better clarify. I was checking the interfaces access rights management section and it wont let me change permissions for directories like /opt

    ok I figured it out. I was trying to chmod but was trying to do it from an ftp client that had root access. BUT it didn't work. I had to remote in and change permissions.

    I do not know if this has already been covered before. I do not think so but there are 48 pages.

    I found reference to someone wanting to use the autoProcessTv and the sabtosickbeard scripts. But there did not mention if it was supposed to be provided with the package. I checked the home/sickbeard folder and there is not an autoprocesstv folder.

    I just wanted to know if I was looking in the wrong place or if I have to download the build from sickbeards site and copy the folder/contents over.


    I have a recently acquired dl360 g5 with a p400 raid card. I wanted to know if its possible for me to install a 1tb sata drive and have it be recognized.

    I looked up the spec sheet on HP for the dl360 g5 w/ p400 and it shows 500gb drives I believe but then I have read around where people said it should work with 1tb but not exceed 2tb for a logical volume. I would prefer to run the drives in the server then have to run a NAS and access storage that way.

    If I can run a 1tb is a particular manufacturer recommended over another? I have read that seagates get rebranded by HP for use in servers.


    I installed esxi on my newly acquired server. Now this is all new to me so I am still trying to figure out what the heck I am doing.
    I successfully created a virtual machine for openmediavault - nothing special just 1cpu and 1 gb of ram allocated to it.
    My question is how do I get it to access other disks that are not part of the virtual machine??? I do not currently have any other disks installed in the server other than the one that has esxi and the virtual machine for openmediavault.

    I tried to read up on vmware's site and it seems to say that any drives physically in host will show on the vm but I would then assume the vm could see left over space on the drive.
    I hope this is all making sense.
    so to explain a bit more say for example: 70gb drive with esxi installed. 16gb vm for open mediavault. How do I utilize the remaining space with openmediavault?? I want to tinker before I add drives in raid configs.

    Or maybe I cant till I have another drive not related to either installed?
    I can successfully gain access to esxi remotely and the openmediavault which I was pretty surprised about for a first go. :thumbsup:


    I was looking at purchasing an IBM X3550 M2 with dual quad core xeon 2.4ghz and 16gb ram.

    I wanted to know if this would work for an openmediavault setup? I don't have any experience with server racks I did see it said vga out so I can work on it with a monitor till I can remote in.

    I am familiar with putty and I use archlinux and centOS on different machines.

    I will ultimately be:
    transcoding some
    running usenet/torrent
    I may see if I can set it up to do a gateway/router config. I used to use a separate desktop for pfsense.

    this will come with everything but drives. I know its probably overkill for what I need but the price is cheaper than I can find budget computers for. Also it is used.
    Thanks everyone.