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    can anybody help?
    I am trying to use 3D acceleration in an VB-guest.
    But the gui does not offer the check-boxes:

    Ok, i thought this deals with missing 3D drivers for the host.
    So i spent 2 days with installing on my HP-N54L.
    This ended with a fresh OMV installation... But at the end, i think i got the driver running:

    root@Castor:~# dmesg | grep fglrx

    root@Castor:~# fglrxinfo
    Error: unable to open display (null)

    root@Castor:~# startx

    And still no 3D checkboxes.
    Oh, of course I installed the VB-guest addons.

    Any ideas?


    das Magic-Paket ist ein Ethernet-Frame (Layer2).
    Ethernet wird normalerweise am Router (Layer3) terminiert.
    Man muss i.d.R. dem Router helfen, solche Pakete korrekt weiterzuleiten.
    Bei OpenWRT könnte ich helfen.
    Bei anderen ... k.A.
    Was hast du für einen Router?



    I want to use clonezilla fpr system-backups.
    At the moment I have a 250GB system disk.
    Is it recommended to resize the partition with gparted before cloning?
    And which size should I use?

    I installed dovecot in the meantime.
    Some little changes in the config and it works like a charm.
    Problems were authentication (I wanted to use the omv/linux users), capital letters in usernames and changing to "maildir" format.


    On my xpenology i had the "Mailserver" running.
    From time to time I moved my Mails from the hosted Mailservers (eg puretec, gmx) to my NAS.
    This worked very elegant within thunderbird (drag and drop from one account to another).
    Therefore my "archive" mailserver has to talk imap.
    When I need remote-access to my mail-archive I build up a VPN connection.
    Don´t like too much data lying around somewhere in the world...

    I would NEVER expose my NAS to the internet.
    Don´t forget the guys who try to hijack devices around the clock.
    You should consider the configuration of a VPN.
    If you own a Fritzbox it should be easy.
    My VPN for example is running as "OpenVPN" on a "OpenWRT" Router.


    I´d like to run an IMAP Server on my OMV 1.
    I just want to archive my mails on it. Clients will be thunderbird and K9-Mail (Android). It is not necessary that the server sends mails to other servers. Just IMAP with my clients. The mails should reside in plaintext in the users home-dirs.

    Unfortunately i am a noob considering mails-servers.

    Do you have any suggestions for me?



    i am quite new to OMV; coming from xpenology and living in Hamburg, Germany.
    Thanks a lot for your admirable work!

    No my (actual) problem:
    I have installed omv on HPN54L. Write 100 times: i must not us unetbootin but WinDiskImager! :thumbsup:

    OK, now i am trying to install owncloud. But the web-gui stands at:
    Reading package lists...
    Building dependency tree...
    Reading state information...

    apt-get says

    My sources.list looks like that:

    deb wheezy main contrib non-free
    deb-src wheezy main contrib non-free

    Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance