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    already did.

    some problem.

    After i installed plex without setting the Database directory through the plugin i can acess plex.

    As soon as i put the the database directory and Save the changes i receiver the error message and nothing is working anymore

    Hi Guys,

    today i wanted to do a new, clean install of my OMV.

    Now im having the big problem, im not getting Plex to run again.

    I installed the latest Plex 1.05 without any problems, but after i set the path for the database and then put the mark on Activate i receive an error message when i click on safe. I did now 3 clean installs, everytime i receives the same error.

    Failed to execute command 'omv-mkconf plexmediaserver 2>&1': Plex Media Server is not running (no process found)...
    /usr/share/openmediavault/mkconf/plexmediaserver: 51: /usr/share/openmediavault/mkconf/plexmediaserver: dbid: not found

    Any Idea ?

    So shall i use Clonezilla or omv-firstaid ?

    I just want to create a cleansystem, do a full backup of the system drive and then test a few things, without the need to install and configure everything again


    just one short question:

    If i do a clean install with OMV and then configure everything ( snapraid, Aufs; shared folders) how can i then do a full backup of just the system driver ?

    I found in the repo the addon BACKUP.

    The first point there is CLONEZILLA.

    Can i do this with clonezilla ?

    Dunno if you already decided what to do, but i had buyed the Asrock C2750D4I two weeks agon and even if its overrated for my usage ( NAS, Plex + LifeTV with transcoding to 3 clients) it's a wonderfull piece of hardware. Im running atm 16 GB of Ram and 8 WD Red 3 TB onto the internal controller. All managed by Snapraid.
    Till now it's just a dream. For me this board was the only solution to fit into the best case ever, the Silverstone DS380.

    Hi David,

    here we go:

    What I've found out so far, when i installed oscam it created a script called "" and moved it to /etc/init.d
    The script was supposed to check if oscam is running and/or crashed. In case it stoped it would restart oscam.

    I now deleted the script and the Postfix error message is gone. but normally i guess this script could be pretty usefull for me...


    i just setup a clean OMV. I installed TVHeadend and Oscam without any problems. Then i restarted und installed Snapraid and AUFs. After setting up Snapraid and Aufs i wanted to create a user to get SMB Access.

    This is the Error Message i receive, as soon as i want to do any saving:

    What to do ?


    did the mentioned steps, anyway i cannot see the UnSupportedApp Store Channel in Plex.

    Any idea ?

    Is there any other possiblity to change files / folders on the root device without using CLI ?

    Channels.conf can be changed with plugins. This won't be a problem. It's just easier to edit channels.conf and arrange the channels in a proper position then doing it through the webIF

    DAU is german for = Dümmster anzunehmender User; i guess it's similiar to "luser" ?!!

    It is possible to change it with SSH and root.

    But in my next step i also need to copy other plugins into the VDR Folder and as im not familiar with linux i want avoid copying folders by CLI


    is it possible to access "root" on OMV with FTP ?

    I want to change i.E. channels.conf in VDR, but i cannot get access to it.

    I first tried it the extplorer, but as i cannot give the correct priviliges to extplorer im not able the change anything on the system device.

    is there anyway to get access to it as a DAU ?

    I tried to create on every hard disk a shared folder called poolshare, like it's written in the Guide.

    Or have i missunderstood something ?

    "aufs setup:
    Create a shared folder for each drive - d1, d2, d3.
    Create a shared folder on any drive called poolshare.
    Set the bind share as poolshare."


    im very new to OMV and tried today to install OMV 1.0 with Snapraid and Aufs.

    Unfortunatelly im having a problem in creating the necessary shared folders.

    I was following…d=guide-aufs-and-snapraid this guide and got stuck when creating the shared folders.

    Is there any trick in order to create shared folders with the same names ?

    I always receive the following error message: The configuration object is not unique: A shared folder with the given name already exists

    I would be very happy if someone could help to solve my problem.