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    Thanks for the fast response! And especially thx for the hint.

    I also thought that this could be somehow permission related. So I created new shares. Unfortunately with the same result.

    --> Digging a little bit deeper I found an omv extension called "resetperms" and this did the trick. After overwriting the permissions for my shares I now have access rights. :)

    Now I just have to figure out how to configure it correct again.

    Hello everyone! I really need some help. ;-)

    I replaced a 3TB (data) disk with a 6tb disk using snapraid.

    -mounting the 6tb disk with a new name in omv
    -using the same name in snapraid as before
    -updated snapraid config
    -run snapraid fix

    Took about 9 hrs for ~2,2Tb - everything seems fine. Snapraid status ok. All data was restored and is correctly shown with size & timestamp.

    However I cannot access a single (recovered) file! Depending on the program that shall open the file it varies from "cannot find", "bad file descriptor "no access rights" "used by another program"....

    Any ideas or do I have to change the disks back?

    No not yet.

    I thought there are maybe some additional snapraid related files I simply need to delete. Don't know where this UUID information is comfing from.

    I will try to remove the snapraid.content files in /media/*/snapraid.content

    €dit: I guess this was the solution. :) It's syncing now.

    Hello :)

    I switched / replaced 2 disks. Purged snapraid and removed the 2 config files in /etc/

    After reinstalling and trying to do a sync I get the warning:

    Too many disks have UUID changed from the latest 'sync'.
    If this happens because you really replaced them,
    you can 'sync' anyway, using 'snapraid --force-uuid sync'.

    If I run snapraid --force-uuid sync:

    All the files previously present in disk [...]
    are now missing or rewritten!
    This could happen when some disks are not mounted
    in the expected directory.
    If you want to 'sync' anyway, use 'snapraid --force-empty sync'.

    If I run snapraid --force-empty sync it says that I should use --fore-uuid sync instead. ^^ So I am finding myself in an endless loop.

    Does anyone know how to fix this?

    Thank you very much!! :) Manually creating the folder structure seems to work!

    After that I simply had to choose the pool as database directory for PLEX. Directly picking a drive resulted in an error when trying to activate the plugin. Not exactly shure why it behaves that way but okay. :)

    Happy that it works again.

    --> SOLVED! =)

    Hello everyone,

    I had to replace a drive which also included my PLEX database. After the replacement I transfered my data from Greyhole to the mergerfs filesystem.

    I couldn't get Plex running afterwards so I tried to reninstall it which didn't work. So I tried reinstalling the OMV-extras plugin and tried some console rm comments I found here in the forum. (Trying to clear up old plex / omv-extras files.)

    But I still get the following error code when trying to install plex again:

    After that error message I keep getting some xpath...plex...dpkg error message poping up in the WebGUI and Plex is not showing in the list. The message disappears after deinstalling plex again.

    Anyone an idea how to fix this? Running the latest 2.x version of OMV.

    Best regards


    tekkb: I guess if that would be the case it should happen on every boot. (Server is not running 24/7.) Or at least not if I haven't added new media.
    Besides that i actually configured plex to scan the libary only if new files are added. (Don't know if there is alway some sort of media scan during the boot but I belief there is none.)

    @ryeocaaron: The indicator is correct, the service is not running. If that happens I cannot connect to the plex web client and my clients cannot find the server either.


    i've got a minor issue with plex but it's bothering me for month now and I'd love to find a solution for it.

    About twice a week the plex service simply doesn't start. In the service status overview "running" is marked with a red dot. Plex Web Client ist down.
    Rebooting has no influence on that. I have to disable and reenable the plugin which takes quite some time.

    (OMV 2 & Plugins are up 2 date. The Plex plugin updates aren't the cause for this problem.)

    Anyone with the same problem?

    Thank you.

    I don't really now... it's sleeping ^^. "service mumble-server start" doesn't work. I need to stop it first or restart it.
    I've got the mumble process with PID 2990 marked as "sleeping". After restarting the mumble-server it changes it's PID & "running" before it sleeps again. (The process is only for the murmur & mumble-server.ini)

    Changing the *.ini file to host =, server ip adress, localhost...... doesn't make a difference. Also a couple of different changes in the init.d/mumble-server file & installing lsb-release had no effect at all.

    I just updatet to OMV 2.1... Now mumble seems to work correctly. :D

    Okay... Here we go. :D

    I don't know/think that I ever entered the settings for MySQL in the config file BUT I removed the $ sign. -> Reboot -> Doesn't change anything.

    This is how it looks now:

    The log file (damn I'm such a noob! last time i "nano-checked" the folder instead of the actually log file =/ ^^) :

    After "service mumble-server restart" (when I am able to connect)

    Don't know why ipv6 is mentioned above... It's deaktivated in the network settings... (Only my Router/gateway is using a hybrid INET connection with IPV4 & IPV6 at the same time)

    THX! Seems to work fine.

    But the installation process took pretty long.



    Restarting engine daemon ...
    Setting up lm-sensors (1:3.3.2-2+deb7u1) ...
    Setting up openmediavault-sensors (1.0.5) ...
    Initial configuration.

    nothing happend for like 5 minutes.