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    I hope thats all...

    Update went smooth without errors...
    Reboot took about 6 Minutes, then OMV prompted me:

    You already spend a lot of time with it, please stop looking into it.

    I'll install from scratch (maybe tonight) and Nut will be the only plugin to use, so there won't be any further problems I guess.
    I already setup a FHEM-RPi it's really not neccessary that we spend time with it any longer.

    If I'm getting into trouble again, I'll let you know ;)


    Thank you very much! Don't bother yourself with it any longer please.
    With "you did a lot of modification in SNMP" you mean my OMV-System. I don't know why i should change anything there... It's not even activated within the webui ;-)

    It is the first problem i ever had with OMV. Also the first time I'm using Virtual Box with it. In more then two years using OMV 2 without VB there was never a problem "like" this.

    Am I using backport kernel?! Never set that option on purpose. Or does it activate automaticly when installing omv-extras?

    The thing about the network intressted me as well, so I checked status of OMV in my ARP-Table. My pfSense seems to "lose" contact to OMV some times...
    - It is missing and suddenly coming back in the ARP-Table
    I didn't See that happening with my Fhem-VM which is running on OMV actually.

    Very strange all of this!

    - I will set up OMV again with a fix IP for OMV and try it again


    Looks pretty good to me!

    I don't understand why i still get:
    Dec 16 21:38:34 OMV monit[2219]: 'collectd' failed to start (exit status 0) -- no output

    Well, I'm not in a hurry. Services I need are running "stable", it's just not nice to know that a reboot takes several minutes (when not receiving an IP-Adress) and it keeps sending me E-Mails.

    Thanks for your time!

    Do you recomment I reinstall the system?
    I just don't see what I did wrong... There wasn't a itch of a problem before I hit that update button twice yesterday evening.
    Maybe "Scheiße am Finger", remember remember: don't hit that button from the bathtub :/

    Thank you, did the change.

    Rebooted OMV with this error:



    # This configuration file is auto-generated.

    # WARNING: Do not edit this file, your changes will be lost.
    KERNEL=="driver = usbhid-ups
    vendorid = 051d", GROUP="nut"


    After I rebooted omv i did a: omv-mkconf interfaces

    Actually I think the UPS service is running fine. I see all UPS-Informations like always...

    I keep getting those collectd failures every minute:

    And when I try to fix the IP-Adress of my Server i get this error:

    but with /etc/network/interfaces the IP is now static!

    Is it possible that my System SSD is about to die??? I don't understand what's going on!

    At least the system boots up now in less then 1 Minute again.

    ... From here the Systemstart hang up (5 Minutes)...

    ... later ...

    2016-12-15T20:43:14+0100 OMV monit[2316]: 'collectd' failed to start (exit status 0) -- no output... this repeats until now...


    Something I found in the Boot-Log:

    Service seems to be running, but in the service list (diagnostics|services|overview) there is a red dot at UPS.

    I just updated my omv via webgui.
    (First omv-extras; Second different debian updates)
    Then I restarted my system and it took minutes to boot up.

    When I had access to the webui again, i saw that ups-service is not working. I stopped the service and restarted the system.
    Again it took minutes to come up...
    Stuck at ...syncronise systemtime...

    Since the update I keep getting two emails:
    1. [OMV.local.lan] monit alert -- Does not exist collectd
    2. [OMV.local.lan] monit alert -- Execution failed collectd

    Help, please! :/

    P.S.: I would like to say, I don't play around with my system! I just set it up last week and since then i can not remember I changed any of my settings...
    The only thing I do regulary is updating the system via webui.


    just setup OMV 3 on friday and all I really need is working perfectly!!!

    After a reboot this morning, just to see that everything works fine after a reboot...
    I recognized, that the webgui logview for the rsync-jobs is empty.
    Before I rebooted the server there were several pages of loginformation cause there have been "a lot" of backups.

    Is this normal?

    I WOULD,...
    copy the data from the WHS to the OMV-Server, then install OMV to the "WHS-"Machine and make it a real backupserver!

    But you can also,
    mount a directory from your WHS to your OMV-Server and use rsync.

    1. You install OMV to a VM on your WHS mount "Virtual-HDD" and use rsync.
    2. You install OMV to a VM on your WHS, mount a directory from the WHS to it and use it as your rsync-storage.