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    Years ago there was this app and it did all I needed it to. I mounted my home library etc, but it seems the app people got wise and all that is either removed or $$. I do not mind paying, but with apps it sucks to pay then to find out it does not do what you need.

    So, any recommendation?

    I know I can just run a reverse proxy via www and kavita comes up legit, but when opening a www portal, the dimensions and fit for the screen just are not accurate. At least with an app, it is fitted perfectly.

    Just use existing libraries. For example, Libby - it allows you to rent books from libraries for free and read them on iPhone and iPad devices. I even looked through my works on law, which were sent to me by the writing service, and used for this. It was quite convenient. You are still ready to pay money. So you can install any application, it all depends on how much you are willing to pay. There are top convenient applications.

    It took me a long time to set up the web server. I don’t even remember at what attempt I succeeded and how.

    Are you using Docker Compose to manage any other containers on your system? If so, are you having any trouble with those containers? Because I do and Idk how to manage this...

    Any feedback will be appreciated.

    You might be getting a "403 Forbidden" error when trying to copy data from one USB hard drive to another via the file browser in OpenMediaVault because you don't have the necessary permissions, the USB hard drives are not properly formatted, or there is a problem with the OpenMediaVault installation.

    Try logging in as the root user and trying to copy the files again, and formatting the hard drives using the OpenMediaVault file browser.

    Also, try connecting the USB hard drives to a different computer and see if you can copy data between them on that computer.

    Hi, can I give you a few questions in PM about the code? (Probably you have private profile, because I can't DM you). I read above a recommendation to mount the mergerfs pool root directory (/srv/mergerfs) as the Jellyfin media directory. Ok, while this may work, it is not the preferred method because of the performance: mounting the mergerfs pool root directory can lead to performance issues, especially for large libraries.

    I think yup, WireGuard is a good solution for accessing your Pi4 remotely. You have just to set up a WireGuard server on your Pi4, configure your router to forward ports 51820 and 51821 to your Pi4, then install the WireGuard client on your laptop and phone, and finally configure the WireGuard client on your laptop and phone to connect to your WireGuard server.

    Once you have done this, you will be able to access all of the services on your Pi4 from outside your home by connecting to your WireGuard server.

    P.S. When you connect to your WireGuard server, all of your internet traffic will be channeled through the VPN.

    I recommend using a strong passphrase for your WireGuard server and keeping your WireGuard server and client software up to date.

    Based on my experience, I concluded that to make a TrueNAS CIFS share read/write from within Docker, I usually have to make sure the share permissions allow read/write access, the container runs with the correct user and group privileges, and the share is mounted to a directory within the container with the correct permissions.