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    i recently got a hold of a thin client HP T5540, with the VIA chipset... I see that you chucked that model out the window... is there a performance issue?

    i've ordered a 44-pin female to female ide cable and removed 2 of the VESA plugs to screw the HDD onto the chasis, but i'm not sure if everything will work as it is, once the hardware has been set up. planning to use it as a media server though i don't know if it will support media playback and streaming as well as the T574x series (after seeing your build)

    eBay has a few of the T574x on sale for pretty cheap (~USD35) with the expansions (~USD17), but delivery charges are a bomb to Malaysia. Maybe i'll order one of these when i travel to the States for work next.

    Do you know if any 50w power supply from the other HP thin clients will work with the T5740?