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    I think the problem for login is this but I can’t find a way to get free space on that :

    Hi, guys,

    I'm having a weird problem today, and I almost had a heart attack.

    I have 4*4TB data disks and 2*4TB parity disks.

    One of those parity disks broke yesterday. I thought no big deal doing a snapraid check then diff and sync.

    After the reboot I don't see any more data in my pool - I claim the data is still there but I can't verify it because I can't get to the OMV GUI (relogin loop). I think only the snapraid info table or parity file is broken.

    What do you mean ? What can I do ? If one of the parity disks gives up the ghost then everything should still be fine ?!

    *fear is spreading*

    Hi All,

    im connecting via VPN into my network- all is accessable also I can Ping OMV and I can see the login Page of OMV in my Safari Browser (iOS) but if I enter my credentials - i will be throw back to Login page... if i enter my credentials wrong i get the normal error message that the credentials are wrong...

    The VPN runs on a RPi - before it was running on the NAS (OMV) itself ... and there i dont had the problem to enter the GUI of OMV.

    What could be the problem?

    I have no problem to enter SSH on OMV via VPN in actually constellation - that works - just GUI Login wont work.

    I apriciate any help

    ok - i see good to know its a normal behaivior . dont have Linux router or something els :/ is it possible to Setup a VPN in Container in the mcvlan netwok to reach the Containers ?

    sorry for denglish: Handy=mobile phone

    I have openVPN Plugin running without any Special configuration under OMV and i connect with my mobilephone with OpenVPN Client to my Network .

    Hi All,

    dont know in which Topic i post this thread. Need a Network Guru :D

    I have created a mclan Network in docker which Points to my normal network- all good so far.

    I cereated to Container with 2 ip adresses and 2.23 (my normal Network is

    Container one has Port 8080 as Gui. Internal it works without any issue (

    But if I connect with my Handy over VPN i cant reach

    Any tipp ? Anything i missed ?

    Hi All!!

    My Setup is following :

    6* 4TB overall

    4*4TB for Data
    2*4TB for Parity

    Now i have actually MUCH SMART Errors on one of the Parity Discs. I have guarante and can send it to the vendor but i think a replace need minimum 2 weeks.

    Could you please try to explane what i must do to detach the "nearly" faulty drive?

    And what is if in this time a DataDisc or the other Parity fail?


    Hey @ryecoaaron thanks for all the input. My current setup is OMV on SSD and 4*4TB HDDs in SNAPRAID+AUFS Setup. If i would install promox on separate SSD and install OMV as VM how what would be the best way to get my actually OMV Settings back and also my actually snapraid+aufs setup from my harddrives. Without creating it new and reroll the backup ?


    i see me more and more using virtual box under OMV and have now a few VMs and it is a pain if i must reboot my OMV Server... so I think about to backup in anyway the OMV and all VMs by its own.

    Install ESX, create a OMV VM (with alle backedup settings or image or whatever from may actually running OMV instance and deploy the VMs (virtualbox) as own VMs under ESX.

    Benefit my running VMs dont care a reboot if the OMV :D

    Anyone could give me a good way to do this prozess.


    Hi all,

    since today TimeMachine Backup does not work. First it says i must create a new one cause old is outdated i clickt ok but it makes nothing and window goes away.

    Than i have deleted the old sparesbundel and try to create a new - it create one as tmp.sparsebundel but after a while it comes error 4.

    Any tipp ?