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    Hi there,

    I don't have a clou how to proceed - so I figured I'd ask you guys for some advice.
    I tried changing some network settings for my OMV-machine - ie enabling ipv6. From that point I lost the network connection to OMV. Thats why I connected my display to just reconfigure the network directly. But the thing is - OMV is not loading. It shows GRUB with the two entries and then some lines and goes black after that. It doesn't matter if I choose normal or recovery.

    So - thats where I am right know. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    EDIT: Just to be precise - when I try to reach the webinterface it's giving me "connection refused" - so there's something there.

    Hey guys,

    I'm having issues upgrading over webgui/update manager.
    Error reads as follows and appears when I try to open the changelog:

    When I try to "upgrade" a window pops up showing "Installing Updates ..." and "please wait".
    Apart from that, nothing happens ...

    Any thoughts ? ?(

    Looks like the same error to me:

    Hi there :)

    I've used freenas for a while now and I am looking for a more hassle-free easy to set up solution as a replacement.
    Freenas-System as follows:
    Intel Celeron Gsomething with 8 GB of RAM and 5x2TB Discs, one zfs-Volume as raidz.

    So I got about 5TB of data that need to be copied - I've got a 6 TB HD that I can use to copy the files to.

    My questions: What the best way to do this? I would prefer to copy the data on the machine.
    Which filesystem needs the 6 TB HD be formated in? :)

    EDIT: I know there's a zfs-plugin. But since that's in alpha I'm reluctant to use it on my life-data.