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    Thanks for the tips Adoby.

    Yea I tried rebooting client several times and no joy. Only way I can remount is by deleting the NFS share in OMV gui and then adding it in again.

    I'll check out autofs. OSMC is based on Debian so hopefully should be ok.

    Should have mentioned I'm using systemd.automount with fstab currently on client.

    hi all

    I have setup OMV to expose NFS mounts for an OSMC player. Issue I'm having is whenever I reboot OMV, I lose those mounts, if I try to browse a mount manually through terminal I get 'permission denied'. Have tried umount -f /mnt/SHARE and then mount -a, no luck.

    Once I've lost the shares - if I go into OMV GUI and then delete the share and recreate, I get a stale handle on client side which I can then force unmount and remount which works fine again.

    I've seen a few similar posts but no conclusive solution.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks! :)

    Hey Thomas

    Yes they are - all disks present.

    The disk in question is sde, there is 2tb on there - not showing that however!

    lsblk below!


    hi all,

    A few weeks back I found that one of my file systems started showing as missing.

    I'm unable to browse the data on Windows clients but can see data is there through ssh.

    When I ran blkid, the disk in question shows without a label (below)

    /dev/sde1: UUID="650e8231-30d3-4e42-a356-fdf167ef35a2" TYPE="ext4" PARTUUID="fefa34d2-01"
    /dev/sde5: UUID="937832af-f083-4595-b771-fdcae1e9bba9" TYPE="swap" PARTUUID="fefa34d2-05"

    Is this just a case of resolving the label issue or is there a deeper problem here?

    Thought I'd ask on here before attempting anything as I have a lot of data on this one!

    Any help much appreciated - thanks!

    Right, managed to get this fixed only through an update to latest OMV3 and then upgrade to omv 4.

    Once I had upgraded through CLI to omv 4 this issue has been resolved.

    If you do a fresh install anyway, it would be good to use OMV4.

    Thanks yes I tried the latest version first but had an issue where 5 out of my 6 drives had issues on boot. Same exact issue as this user had here : Problem adding drives after reinstalling OMV - Unfortunately I've got 24TB so moving each is something which I'd like to avoid! :)

    It's all available however. Not sure where the ".home" comes from though - domain is set as WORKGROUP

    C:\Users\steve>ping soconas

    Pinging soconas.home [] with 32 bytes of data:
    Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=64
    Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=64
    Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=64
    Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=64

    Ping statistics for
    Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
    Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
    Minimum = 0ms, Maximum = 0ms, Average = 0ms


    I've tried a fresh install of OMV 3.0.94, everything went smoothly however I can't access my shared folders on my network at all. These were all working fine on previous install of OMV.

    I can ping the box and SMB on webgui all green.

    However running the following I see that :
    root@soconas:~# service samba status
    ● samba.service
    Loaded: masked (/dev/null)
    Active: inactive (dead)

    I've tried reset perms plugin as suggested here : Shared Folders: the "Reset Permissions" Tab is not available anymore

    but receive this : Clearing ACLs ...
    setfacl: /srv/dev-disk-by-label-Delta4Tera/ Operation not permitted
    setfacl: /srv/dev-disk-by-label-Delta4Tera/aquota.user: Operation not permitted

    Any ideas?

    Many thanks!


    With no more explanation, everything seems to be fine at the moment.
    Just did an update who was available (GnuPG), and all seems working great.


    I've had exactly the same issue now. Clean install from ISO, all drives removed and I'm seeing exactly the same issues you describe.

    I have applied all updates and same issue.

    Is there anything else you did which might have resolved?

    Many thanks

    Hi all,

    I've recently performed an update on my omv box. I've now started getting 'access denied' on a few drives.

    I'm on a secure home network which I only have access to and I'd be very happy in a world where I never see 'access denied' ever again :)

    Is there any 'quick' way to just remove all permissions and have full read/write access on all of my drives?


    Yep. These are all good.

    It's just so weird that the drive was working fine until I removed and did the upgrade.

    Using Gdisk I'm getting errors now that say : "Warning! Secondary partition overlaps the last partition by 2106 blocks. You need to delete this partition or resize."

    Using Testdisk I do a full scan and get: "Check the harddisk size, HD jumper settings, Bios"...

    I'm checking all these again now in BIOS.

    Thanks! Have tried that now... says non-existent. But noticed from blkid it's listed as /dev/sda5 so tried that also, below.

    I loaded up systemrescuecd using testdisk which worked. After analysing I was able to find the partition and browse it's contents - everything was there.

    I then followed next step and wrote the partition table which completed successfully, after reboot same issue though still not seeing it...super weird!

    Thanks.. seems a partition is there.

    Pastebin :


    Hi all,

    Completed a hardware upgrade and added a further 2 drives but when I got everything back up and running one filesystem is now missing.

    I've tried Gparted but it won't read..

    I've tried omv-mkconf fstab and some other solutions from other threads but no luck as yet!

    Usually I'd scrap and rewrite but this is a 4tb drive full of data :(

    I ran blkid and found something which looks a bit strange the one UUID with TYPE = SWAP..unless that's linked to the boot drive.

    /dev/sdb1: LABEL="Filestore" UUID="01aa919c-3909-4db8-a6ce-12a8249ca23c" TYPE="ext4"
    /dev/sdd1: UUID="927413c4-d2ea-4b58-8fab-dbf4f23e3e8a" TYPE="ext4" LABEL="MoviesTwo"
    /dev/sde1: LABEL="Delta4Tera" UUID="3073ecec-7ba2-43a2-acee-ba4bafa87533" TYPE="ext4"
    /dev/sdf1: LABEL="Music" UUID="080ac573-5c9f-45ec-b8cd-993ccfa83509" TYPE="ext4"
    /dev/sdh1: LABEL="Echo15Tera" UUID="bbe9a6b6-4bf3-46b1-bb77-c91a12517c4d" TYPE="ext4"
    /dev/sdg1: LABEL="Foxtrot1Tera" UUID="6824b405-4630-4dab-a35e-b426b78a1349" TYPE="ext4"
    /dev/sda1: LABEL="OMV" UUID="7fc1bc94-762f-46c2-8358-2b93e13307f0" TYPE="ext4"
    /dev/sda5: UUID="7eb557f0-923c-4d15-87da-67da42fb2223" TYPE="swap"

    Any help much appreciated.

    Thanks guys!

    I eventually ended up reinstalling omv.. I'm inclined to think it was my source list.

    After reinstall I still had problems with and it wouldn't download repos, changed the mirror to another and it worked fine!

    Thanks anyway next time I'll check here again first! :D


    I've recently both updated OMV via GUI and shortly after changed ISP ie - have a new router.

    Since then I've been unable to apt-update via webgui or SSH.

    The update starts but gets stuck at 37% each time. I've tried omv-firstaid as suggested on another post, no change.

    I've updated DNS to, and same issue.

    Any help much appreciated!