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    I never used Docker but this could help me a lot, because there is no official Linux/Fedora/RPM client for SABnzbd, just a Flatpak, which works great, like any Flatpak I used.

    I watch this video

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    And on the official website they link this

    Looks like not to hard to install it as a noob.

    Got a few questions about that...

    1. Do I need good hardware for that? When it unzip/unrar the downloads it need to smash my J4125 CPU?

    2. is it generally a good idea to do that on OMV?

    3. good experiences with SABnzbd on OpenMediaVault over Docker?



    I bought a N3350 6/128GB mini PC with 3x USB 3. It's silent, small and 4W idle, for 35€. I like it very much!

    1x 2TB WD

    2x 5TB Seagate

    Question #1

    Why only the 2TB shows temps?

    Question #2

    Why only the 2TB goes in sleep mode after about 15 min. and the Seagate never?

    Question #3

    I know about CMR and SWR but and a empty 5TB drive, when I copy 20GB, it starts with 113 MB/s and after 5GB it drops down to ~60 MB/s, go back to ~90 MB/s. The 2TB WD copy from first to last second with 110 MB/s

    The 2TB is about 10y old and for 2x 5TB and N3350 Mini PC i paid about 135€, so cheap af and I am happy but I try to understand. I use 1-2 times the NAS for 2-5GB per week. Don't need more than that.


    If somebodz is a noob, like I am this will maybe help.

    After install and reboot when I click on it:

    Software Failure. Press left mouse button to continue.

    OMV Version is 7.1.1-1 (Sandworm) and addon mergerfs 7.0.5

    Storage > File Systems > add with + all HDDs and after that you can do it on the tutorial like here

    omv6:omv6_plugins:mergerfs []

    chente thank you so much!

    Maybe I can ask you why SMB is so slow on Linux compare to Windows? On Linux it is up to 87 MB/s and on Windows over 100 MB/s (write speeds)


    this is my first time to use OMV with more than one storage device.

    Normally I click on storage, file system, add, EXT4 and add the HDD.

    This time I wanna add 2 HDD's which act like one, so I read few howtos and decide to use RAID0, because I don't care about data loss, will get one storage device and on top better speeds, which I don't need btw.

    Now I got more options. BTFRS >






    Problem 1: When I try to use EXT4 I can't use and RAID. Why?

    Problem 2: What is SINGLE and DUP? Maybe better than RAID0?

    Problem 3: I need to use BTFRS but why? I don't need snapshots or something like that.

    Don't get me wrong, I try to understand and never use BTFRS.

    What I need is just a "media SMB device" to get access for media on any device (Linux Desktop, Android Tablet, Windows PC and so on). Lose data would not be a problem, don't need backup/snapshot, just space and speed (2.5 inch HDD over USB).


    I reinstall OMV and check the updates again.

    It looks like OMV try to install Nvidia driver?

    It's a AMD build with Radeon iGPU?

    AMD GX-420GI with Radeon R7E 2x 4GB RAM and 64GB M.2 SSD.

    Don't get me wrong, I just try to fix it but only know about basic stuff. I use OMV for years and several devices. Never faced problems like that.


    I installed OMV 7.1 on a HP T630 (8/64GB) and anything works but when I go to updates and install it, it breaks my system after I reboot reboot.

    I did it 2 times with fresh installation. Second time I connect over ssh and run omv-upgrade but the same, won't reboot anymore.

    This is what I get after I update over the GUI without setting up, just fresh install and update + reboot: