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    I changed out the cable and there was moderate improvement but still slow compared to the results others are getting. To be fair, the Bananas is connected by Cat5e to the router, but all other clients talking to it are on wifi. The wifi itself is an Engenius External Wireless Access point that's giving me trouble. Internet speed tests are in the 50 Mb/s range, but it has a bad habit of kicking my laptop off the network when I'm moving larger files onto the NAS, and the only way to fix it is to reboot the WAP. I'm thinking there must be something in the setup/config of the WAP that's causing it to bottleneck the NAS.

    If anything, this is a great learning experience.

    I'm pretty sure it's a Gigabit router (supplied by my provider, fiberoptic to the house) and getting information is difficult.

    It might be the cable, it's a scavenged old Ethernet cable that might be slowing it down. Will buy a new one and see if that helps improve it.


    Cyryllo, thanks, I did take a look through that. He's running a RAID1 with a SATA multiplier, while I'm running a single drive. I downloaded the Helios test and ran it and my numbers came back terrible. Upload averaged 3.5MB/s, download averaged 2.4MB/s.

    Not really sure what to do to help fix it.

    I have a question about network speeds. The NAS seems to be serving HD files (.avi / .mp4 / etc...) fast enough to be read by multiple sources, however, when browsing photos or copying to/from the NAS, it seems painfully slow (~3 to 4Mb/s). I know others here are getting between 25 - 40 Mb/s.

    I used the OMV image to get everything running and set up the SMB shares. The HDD is an older 5200 RPM 250GB Seagate 2.5 inch SATA drive. I formatted it ext4 fresh with this install.

    Anyone have any ideas or tweaks I could try?


    Just an update to my earlier posts, I ordered and received my BananaPi board and SATA cable. I built a cheap case out of screws and a $2 piece of acrylic, then hooked up an old 2.5 inch HDD salvaged from a netbook that suffered a broken screen a few years ago.

    Last night, I hooked it all up, put the BanaNAS image onto an SD card and plugged everything in, and all I can say is this thing is excellent. Last night as a test I was seamlessly streaming a single 720p movie to three different devices all playing different parts without a hick-up. I just thought I'd come here and say thanks to all for the good work supporting this little board.



    Yes this is no problem. Before I had gigabit ethernet, I streamed FHD 1080p BluRay backups over 100MB/s. No Problem.
    Therefore multiple users should also be no problem. But keep in mind, without transcoding.

    Thanks, that's good to hear. Yes, I'm planning on it acting as a simple file server, no transcoding needed. Thanks for the reply.

    I'm new to OMV and NAS building, but I'm intrigued by the Banana Pi as a single-drive NAS. Ultimately, I would like to build a NAS primarily to serve media (HD Movies/TV) through the house to various android boxes running XBMC. Assuming my network doesn't have an issue, would the read/write of ~30Mbps be enough to stream media to a single user? What about multiple users?

    My spouse isn't a believer, and I'm thinking this could be a cheap build to prove the benefit of a NAS before building a much more powerful box. Still, if it won't serve a single user, it won't really help me out