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    I have runnig SFTP plugin. Is possible to create links to download certain file from Web Browser? Or access SFTP server directly from web browser?

    That is a client side configuration. You don't actually "login" to a folder. You just tell the client to navigate to that folder. Why are you trying to do this?

    Ok. I need it, If someone login. Donot need looking for folder to use it for upload, download files, so they are dirrectly in it.. Is there any configuration in SFTP for how many logins, attemps, time disconnect in FTP?

    Im running SFTP plugin on OMV. I need select for each user diferend default folder to open while login to server. Acctually for one user "HOST" need login to folder I select. How to set it up? Anybody can help me?

    Hi Everyone- Im new in OMV. Please anybody can help me?

    I need setup SFTP to be access from local and internet. For Private use, only 2 users. First How to setup SFTP with SSH? Is it ok to change port for safety reason to "example" port 666 instead 22 or 21? Then what option to check,mark while creating users for FTP? There is many option while I try create USER, I need one FTP user for full access to all folders. Second FTP User use only one folder. How to setup privilages for users and folders? Side question - IS there DLNA server and WEBSERVER plugin for OMV?