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    I updated permissions, reset users, rebooted, removed reinstalled plugins, and never was able to get past the "No access" issue.

    So I reinstalled and now all is working. One thing I did differently this time, is that I made the samba shares first, with guests allowed option. Only after that did I create my users and then closed shares to public. Still have access.

    I wish I knew what the specific issue is, but may be that I made users first, then samba shares non public, and this time, I did samba shares with guests allowed, then created my users, then closed guests allowed.

    Thanks for your help, macom.

    Yes i enter my user/pw to whom I’ve given access in the shared folder settings. Tried making new users as well and setting up permissions and read/write access in shared folder settings. No luck. Still get “you do not have permission...” it is not blocked from my client computer either, as when I’ve shut down samba service, the dialog on Mac client just shows shows that the server is not there.

    Also have used this thread to no avail.

    Trying to access samba shares from Mac 10.14. Used for years, and after a recent reinstall of OMV, I can't seem to get Finder access again. I have troubleshooted my issue using the forums, by following here and others I can't seem to find again.

    I have SSH access, WebGUI, and run Plex in Docker. All no issues. I have also reset permissions and cleared any ACLs (I don't ever use these anyway). Verified user permissions and even created a test user to check samba access. No luck.

    Not sure what else to do. Maybe someone can offer some suggestions. I do not post/ask a question here until I have run out of ideas. I've worked on this for weeks, and still get the following error:

    My OpenVPN installation on OMV 4.1.23-1 Arrakis stopped working a few weeks ago, and I have tried to troubleshoot by searching through forums and digging through client/server settings. Still not working.

    This evening, I uninstalled and reinstalled, removed and replaced certificates, but I have not made it work.

    My OMV installation is on a Thinkserver TS140, and up to date on OMV 4. I only run NAS for my family, and serve media through PLEX. I maintain a 3-2-1 backup strategy. I use and OpenVPN client on iOS, and through Tunnelblick on MacOS.

    My iOS client suddenly stopped working this summer, and I also noticed that my MacOS client wouldn't connect. I verified that my installation hadn't changed AFAIK.

    I need expertise help, please!

    I've created ssh keys using this guide, but have this question:

    In certificates--> ssh, why is there a different ssh key than what I created and included in my non-root user when I did ssh-keygen? How are these related, and should I instead make them the same?

    I have setup and used OpenVPN plugin for years, but recently I no longer have access to my WAN while connected using my OpenVPN. I can still access my services in the LAN (such as Plex), but no outside internet access.

    In searching through the forums, I found a post that seemed to resolve that person's issue, but I really don't know what that CLI command does, and need some clarification before I use it.

    Any help would be appreciated. Might it be related to this issue? (if not, I will make a separate post to resolve the OpenVPN plugin to use Tunnelblick):

    Just an update for my issue. I removed my Unifi Security Gateway, and replaced with a proper router. I was using the USG to route traffic onto two different LANs, and while support said that it automatically forwards traffic across LANs, I found that was not the case. I wasn't using it in a proper setup.

    I have resolved by putting in a proper router, and setup Docker/Plex with absolutely no issues using the steps outlined here.

    Thanks for the awesome forum, btw. And for anyone reading, make sure to donate if you like using OMV.

    Yes, but my network is split into multiple LANS (the Unifi Security Gateway has a LAN port that I have wired to my OMV NAS, but it is assigned to a LAN2, distinct from the LAN1 which connects to my AP).

    Anyway, I need to reassign my OMV IP (192.168.11.x --> 192.168.1.x) so it is on LAN1. Can you give me an idea where I go about this? Reinstall OMV? IS there an existing ipconfig I can edit?

    My manual install wasn't working because I hadn't downloaded the package. I knew this, but wasn't sure exactly how to get the package. Got it now.

    I have completed the install with no issues via the method above from sjdaniels:

    ...and I don't have access to the Plex server. I think it is unique to my network issue, as I still have full admin/root access to OMV in general.

    I previously had Plex running no problem on OMV 2.x using a more simple network setup (DD-WRT as router/switch-->Unifi AP). I have changed to a Unifi setup (Security Gateway-->AP [currently no switch; not really needed for now]). Then when I did a clean install (from USB) of OMV 3.x, I reinstalled plugins including PlexMediaServer. Since being unable to access my server multiple times, I have uninstalled plugin/reinstallled/uninstalled/removed plex install files and folders/ and now installed via cli.

    I believe I just have a network issue in accessing. Maybe someone can help me diagnose.

    Also, here is the error I am receiving in Webgui: