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    ok, thanks guys, i see.
    I just thought that there is maybe a better workflow than copying all my files to another folder (like ~/plugin/ ).
    But if this is the "pro-workflow" i will do so :)



    If you're planning on using Github just create a repo there and follow the instructions. When the initial setup is done move your files into the cloned directory and commit them.

    yes sure. But which directory is my git root folder ( where i run "git init") ?
    I think it should be ~/myFirstOMVPlugin/
    but my plugin files stored in omv installation in /var/www/openmediavault/..

    when i would use ~/myFirstOMVPlugin/ i have to copy my changed plugin files from /var/www/openmediavault/.. to ~/myFirstOMVPlugin/ before i can commit the changes ( and copy back always when i pull some changes)

    i hope you see my problem :)


    i have created my first omv plugin by using the tutorial in this forum.

    The files are placed in

    Now i want to set up my git(-hub) repository with "git init"

    But i think creating the git-repository direct in the root node ( "/" ) wouldn´t be a good idea.

    So maybe someone can explain to me how i can get the same structure as the other omv-plugins (like…pers/openmediavault-nginx ).



    Hi Guys,

    first thanks for this guide! Im on the way to create my first omv-plugin :)

    I have some improvements for the guide:

    - there is a bug in part 3 . The class name is "OMVModuleVirtualBox". I think it should be "OMVModuleExample" instead.

    - in part 1 (step 2) you should mention, how to clean the gui cache ( in /var/cache/openmediavault/). It takes me some time on debugging to find out, why my example node is not showing as expected. I curent use

    rm /var/cache/openmediavault/*

    is there an official omv command for this?