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    Hi everyone,

    we are using a Gigabyte Board with a B450 Chip having 6 Sata Ports and 1 M.2 Port. OMV is running on the M.2 SSD. As this deactivates one SSD Port from the mainboard we have an additional 2-Port PCIE-SATA controller. This controller is used for one RAID 1 (md2). In addition we have two RAID 1 (md0 and md1) connected to the sata ports of the mainboard. All raids are controlled by mdadm and the OMV gui.

    Some weeks ago we had a degradedarray event at md1. So I changed the HDD, repaired the RAID and everything was fine. A few days ago I recieved an e-mail that the "filesystem flags changed to 0x1000" at md0 and got two mails for degradedarray events at md0 and md1. At md1 it was the freshly replaced HDD. So i checked the old md1 HDD and it was running perfectly, so the first md1 degradedarray was not caused by a broken HDD.

    So I checked the currently "broken" drives from md0 und md1 and these HDDs are fine as well, showing up using lsblk, smart tests are fine. In addition I was wondering why this error occurs only at hdds connected directly to the mainboard and not to the sata controller.

    So now I think I will format the "broken" drives and readd them to the raids, but I must know whats causing these issues as this is a productive system.

    Any ideas where I can start?

    Thanks for your reply. Yeah I need NAS and Virtualisation. But NAS is more important then VM.
    Will make a demo system and test both.

    Thanks for your replay. We currently use OMV4. I need to virtualise MacOs. This runs with virtualbox as well but it is to slow.
    Any pros for using promox instead of unraid?


    we are using OMV in our small company (2 guys) as storage server for our business data with software raid, backup setups and so on.
    Now we want to setup a postgisdatabase (spatial extension for postgressql) on the same machine. As far as i know, OMV does some deep changes to the underlying OS.
    So we are wonderin if there is any OMV-stuff that can influence our postgis installation and vice versa?
    I dont think that should be a problem to run both parallel on the same machine, but as it is for business stuff.. I wanted to ask first.

    I know that OMV can run docker, and there are some docker builds for postgis. But as we have never used docker before, we dont want to test it.. maybe later, but not for the initial installation and start.

    Best regards.

    I am running two servers using OMV 4 with the Syncthing plugin to keep one folder synced. As the servers are on different locations I am running an OpenVPN server on a raspi at one location to connect both locations via VPN. VPN-Connection and syncthing are running stable. I am just wondering, why the transferrate between the servers is dead slow. According to the Syncthing GUI its around 1,2MiB/sec. Using iperf between both servers I achieve transferrate around 5MiB and more. The connection at each location should handle way more.
    I was wondering if there is any way to get better transfersrates. Maybe the raspi is the bottleneck but then the results of the iperf should be way slower?
    Maybe someone can help me.

    Best regards.

    I wanted to install OMV 4 on a new system with an Asus PRIME A320M-K A320 Mainboard and an AMD Athlon 200GE 3200 APU. When booting from USB the installer is loading correctly

    But when choosing to install, the next screen is not readable (see Attachment). I tried to connect the monitor via VGA or HDMI and updated the BIOS. But no success. Any ideas?
    Best regards.


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    Good morning,
    we are running an openvpn server and want to install Virtualbox for some VMs. We ran into in installation problem, and installed virtualbox manually via console. As some stuff was not working we removed it. Now we wanted to reinstall Virtualbox via the OMV-Gui but recieve this message while reinstalling.

    I tried to remove the packages, but phpvirtualbox and virtualbox are not installed. Am i right that it has something to do with
    " : openmediavault (>= 4.1.4) but 3.0.99 is to be installed "?

    Hi subzero,

    i enabled the mail output and the script has "not found" by the cron. This is strange to me cause I can run the script by hitting "run" from the planned tasks gui.

    After that I changed the command from



    cd /home && ./

    Now the script is running as it should at midnight, but I cant run it from the GUI anyone resulting in the error code

    Failed to execute command 'export PATH=/bin:/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin; export LANG=C; export SHELL=/bin/sh; sudo --shell --non-interactive --user=root -- cd /home && ./ 2>&1' with exit code '127': sh: 1: ./ not found

    Is this happening just with my setup or is it a bug?


    i recently updated from OMV 2 to OMV 3. I used some scripts to backup a SQL-Database to a folder on the old OMV 2 setup. after updating to OMV 3 a added the script to the planned tasks to run daily and i can run the script manually from the GUI. But it wont run on a daily base as set in the planned tasks gui. See attached screenshot for setting. I have to idea how to fix this problem. Any suggestions where to look for errors?

    Best regards


    due to a broken sata cable one of my raid 1 drives went missing and the raid went to "degraded, clean". I replaced the sata cable and the missing hdd was back again. Now i want to add the missing drive to the raid again. I have done that multiple times so thats no problem for me.
    BUT the raid is under constant use from several systems to store data. The 2 hdds are about 4Tb so it takes a while to rebuild the raid. So i was wondering if i can keep using the raid while it is rebuilding. Whats happening with new written data during the rebuild process? Or do i have to block the access to the raid and rebuild it?

    Thanks for your help

    first of all, thanks for your support. I was able to delete the entry in the fstabs and recreate the Union-Filesystem with the drives. But the old "Shared Folder" of "data" is still in the list and I can not delete it to recreate the new one.
    I cant delete it and trying to edit it..



    with OMV 2 I was using 4HDDs with mergerfs to store my data and access it via samba share. After upgrading to OMV 3 something went totally wrong and i can not access my share (sorry if the Menus are not named correctly, but I am using german language)). Under "Union-Filesystem" everything is as expected, 4 HDDs combined unter the name "Data".

    In "Filesystem" the drive "data has the same size like the system drive.

    Output of: omv-showkey unionfilesystems


    Hopefully someone has an idea


    I am using OMV with several setups at different locations (like Home, Work, Parents) and I am very happy with that. But I was wondering if its possible to kind of sync data between different omv installations which are connected via OpenVPN. So like I made some pictures at a family party, load the pictures to my home omv setup and sync that folder to my parents so I dont have to hear stuff like "You will store the pictures at home and nobody will see them ever again..".

    Best regards,


    I am working in a small office with 8 people using an old windows server maschine to store our data. As we want to renew our system and improve our backup system, we are searching for a new OS. I am using OMV at home, so my idea was to use OMV with raid 1 for data and second internal raid 1 for backup usage (daily backup using rsnapshot). As a second backup system we currently use several weekly changed RDX-drives connected via USB to have data external as well. With OMV i am not sure how to setup a backup routine with several RDX-drives.
    The system must be easy to use. So is there a way to setup a RDX-Backup where you just have to change the drive and OMV will do the rest? Like changing the drive an monday, making the backup on saturday...? I would prefer if I dont have to change any settings when I am changing the drive.
    I am not sure if i can use the USB-Backup plugin, as it will perform a backup when the drive gets connected.
    I was thinking of using rsync with one task, but how can i mount several changing drives to the same share?

    Maybe someone may have an idea.