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    Hi everyone,

    I currently doing some research if i want to move from my current NAS-Setup to OMV.

    First of all i currently use a selfmade NAS with Win 7. It contains 5 HDDs with different sizes. To achive a big share over the hdds I am using Drive Bender. It creates pools like greyhole and writes the files on the hdds so i can connect them to another pc and can access the files.

    I want to switch to OMV cause i am not very happy with drive bender. Some times the shares are not loaded at the system startup so i have to restart the nas.. it is really annoying if you want to watch a movie in the living room and have to walk to the basement to restart the NAS to get access to the shares. Furthermore i want to get ride of Windows 7.

    Currently there is one question which stops me from moving to OMV. I want to move all files from the old setup to the new one. As the HDDs are not plug-able, I am a little to lazy to open the NAS, take out the HDD-frame with all the cables and hdds to connect the hdds to a pc, copy the files back to the NAS and put the HDDs back into the NAS. Furthermore my network is not that fast, so copying the files would take a while

    So would it be possible to install OMV on the NAS, create a greyhole share and copy the files from the other hdds into the share directly via OMV and add the hdd to the share as soon as it is empty and the files are moved into the share and go on to the next hdd? The HDDs from Drive Bender are NTFS formated.

    Best regards,