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    It is a bad title. I just left it for legacy reasons. For plugins that really need to be tested, I don't put them in a repo. I put the .deb in the testing folder on omv-extras for manual download and install.

    No backup? :)

    What kind of developer? We could use more plugin developers...

    Am an Android & Linux Kernel developer.

    I also dabble in Python, For e.g. I use a python script on my RIG for controlling fan speed based on hdd temp.

    The testing repo is for release candidates not things that should eat your data...

    11.0 is in the regular repo.

    LOL, didn't mean it that way. I hope you understand, its scary to use something which is marked as testing on Data which is very precious :)

    However, being a developer myself I understand your point of view.

    That plugin was created by two developers @miras and @nicjo814. The first did all the backend code in php and the later did the front end web design js code. From the backend developer we haven't heard in a while IMO he probably should be the one doing the porting. From Niclas who maintains docker and zfs we already know he has no ETA on any. Zfs should be the priority, but there are no dev resources atm. Don't ask here for follow ups, you can go to GitHub and check for yourselves. Unfortunately Omv datamodels left all the porting code in Q1 2016 obsolete. Those plugins were ported at the beginning of the year.

    Thanks for explaining, yes i have been following on the Github page for the ZFS Plugin and sadly there is no progress there since 4 months.

    Am a developer and would love to help. However, Is there any documentation on the porting process ? I tried searching for it, but to be honest it was a half hearted attempt.

    Wow, thanks for the information.

    Am having a weird issue though, OSX's Finder informs me that free disk space is around 509 GBs, but df -h tell me 475 GB !

    Any clue what might be wrong ? I believe the files i deleted didn't actually free the space .. Is that possible ?


    Any plan on updating the ZFS plugin for OMV 3.0.20+

    Also, my ZFS volume is now at 84%. And i keep getting a warning, is it safe to use it ? Or should i reduce it to below 80% ?

    I read somewhere that its not safe to use ZFS over 92 % or something, it that correct ?

    Aditya Xavier.

    Maybe it's a possibility for you to do this: When will OMV3 be ready

    As you can read in that thread, this works!

    Greetings Hoppel

    I understand, but i believe that to be a workaround. Ideally, there should be a new release which is done more like a stop-gap before OMV 3 is release with OMV 2 but with a newer kernel ( Just supporting new hardware ). The Kernel provided in the ISO is extremely "OLD" w.r.t. computer evolution. Personally i believe it requires a better release management. OMV 2 iso should be updated every few months with at least new packages ( apt-get dist-upgrade ). Why release an ISO with known extremely old packages ?

    Is there any way we can update the ISO ? I mean creating an ISO from scratch ?

    Still, i believe the developers are doing a fabulous job with this OS. It is one of the best out there :)


    Is there any possibility to have an OMV 2.2 ISO Image with Kernel 4.4 prebuilt ? Because the current ISO (3.16 Kernel) does not detect my NIC Card and probably other functionalities as well because my NAS is Skylake based and is Headless.

    Can use OMV 3.0 but don't want to take my only backup on a Beta :)

    Hi guys,

    New Snapraid version 7.1 is out.. Changelog has minor fixes.
    Am waiting for the 8.0 Version though, has quite interesting updates.

    Am wondering if it is possible to make the update process (Stable releases only) automatic, like pointing to ? But yes, this might break UI in some cases. But removes the need for manual intervention.

    Oh Thanks a lot.

    To be frank am really scared of shifting all my content to EXT4 + Snapraid + OVM.. :) I have been experimenting with it since few days on VM to try and get accustomed to it before the shift.

    I wanted to go from Mirror to Raid 6 to Raid 5 as i keep buying more hardisks, and it seems Snapraid is the only one which allows me to do so.

    Thanks for the fast response.

    Great, so i can use the compiled version and then upgrade the snap raid plugin when available right?. I am favouring the new version as it is also reporting smart Data. I found that once the parity is made through new version of snap raid its not possible to go back without removing parity, which is a risk. Is there any ppa available for snap raid as well?

    Regarding the 4th point, that after changing the disk, sync and fix don't work from gui, am i doing something wrong ? it asks me to first do snap raid fix -e, is there anyway to automate this?

    And do you think its possible to remove the disks added through Snapraid ui to re-appear when adding another disk? (Sorry if am confusing you )

    By the way, Great Job on the Snapraid Plugin team..

    Hi Guys,

    Been a long time user of Freenas, Shifting to OMV - Snapraid this week, so doing my homework on the same.

    Wanted to know the following :-
    1. Any reason why snap raid is not updated to the latest in omv extra's plugin? its still in 6.3. Is it ok if i use the compiled version of snap raid ? Would i be allowed to apply updated further down the line from the plugin?
    2. Is there any documentation on what snapraid sync and fix do? Because there are contradicting information on what to do if the parity disk fails..
    3. Is there any way i can mount a ZFS pool in omv, i understand that freenas 9.3 is too new for the plugin to work, wanted to transfer my data from the 3X 1TB disk to 2x 4TB disks.
    4. I see that after changing a disk incase of failure and doing a sync again gives me an error.. I have to try sync and fix through terminal for it to work.

    Hopefully i didnt ask any dumb questions, if so please forgive me; am new to the system :)