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    hello all ;)

    i'm not a best killer for putty CMD , i search the command for check my raid into putty login , because it's check auto when i shut down the server every 60 days ..... i want check my raid alone ,can you help me ? do you have a command for this ;) TY ;):thumbsup:

    héhé thanks Carlos ;) , no problem for the cables ,all HD are marked with the serial , for eventualy crash and remplace into 5 min ;)

    the raid perso it's 2 x 2 tb ... and mp3 2 x2 tb .... , i'm building a new server with pci express card controller form big server hp proliant ... !! ;)

    hello all ;)

    i'm french , and i'm build a server with OMV in system control .

    it's big tower , with modular alim 700 w , controler fan ( 4 x 120 mm ) digital with sonde , mother board AsRock p55, socket Fm1 . with amd 4 x 3.0 ghz . and 8 gb of ram DDR3.

    pci card simply for plug the HD ,

    this server a 1 years .. and no problem , OMV is very good OS , and the GUI is beautiful and simply ...... ;) .............. difficult with putty , i'm a beginner with nux Cmd !!! :D

    i put a picture for you see the hardware <3

    see you soon and the forum , and :thumbsup: