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    I'm not saying that installing OMV-Extras is a problem, it's the first thing I do after installing OMV :)
    It's just my thought, bearing in mind the popularity of this service.
    Personally, I think that OMV is unrivaled !!!
    OMV would be even more popular if there were more tutorials similar to Techno Dad Life


    I have a suggestion.
    Bearing in mind how the Docker service is now popular, I think it should be delivered directly from OMV and not in OMV-Extras.
    At the moment the service is just as important to me as FTP or SMB.

    Thank you

    I was able to install the appropriate packages to run the VA-API on OMV 4.0 and on the intel i5-8600k processor.

    But Transcoding to Emby still does not work.


    I have this problem all the time.
    In Ubuntu I do not have this problem (attached at the bottom of the "vainfo" from ubuntu)
    Under Debian, "vainfo" can not see the graphics card.
    The processor is intel i5-8600k.



    I can not run VAAPI on my server.
    My server is on an i5-8600K processor, OMV 0.4 4.1.17-1 installed.
    EMBY is placed on DOCKER
    EMBY works great except for VAAPI.

    Please help me how to run it.


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