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    I agree that a plugin is not really necessary, it would just provide a means for a simple install for the web application and database, but the installation is pretty basic anyway. At least I learned a few things through this process. I will advise users to follow the installation documentation that I have created, and if that is too much for them, then that is why it can be installed on Windows too. Thanks for your efforts.

    Sorry, adding support to include mysql would require me to rewrite around 140 stored procedures, can't do it right now. I'm not familiar with the plugin system for OMV or really even OMV for that matter. Can you simply just install the debian package for postgresql during the plugin install?

    Hello everyone,

    I am the developer of CrucibleWDS and thought I would give some of my input / thoughts here. Kleber recently contacted me about creating a plugin for OMV, while I don't believe I have the time to create a plugin, I could assist for anyone trying to install it manually. I was able to get everything up and running properly in a short time. I was successful in using nginx without the need to change any ports or use apache. I basically just created a new location for cruciblewds to reside, So if your OMV webUI is then cruciblewds would be located at I plan on having this documentation out in the next few days for anyone that is interested. Even without a plugin, installation is straightforward and only takes about 5 - 10 minutes.

    Edited because it took away from the context of the thread. JD