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    Well, I followed through, but when I execute the job, I get this error:

    Please wait, syncing <remote-backup@openfiler299:/mnt/vg-sda2/sda2-shares/MusicOnHold> to </media/4547cf41-3d1b-4133-af1f-c0fd9312fc53/OpenFilerBackups/> ...
    edly closed (0 bytes received so far) [Receiver]
    rsync error: unexplained error (code 255) at io.c(605) [Receiver=3.0.9]

    I did manually run rsync and it was successful:

    root@omv-pd:/etc# rsync -avz -e ssh remote-backup@openfiler299:/mnt/vg-sda2/sda2-shares/MusicOnHold /media/4547cf41-3d1b-4133-af1f-c0fd9312fc53/OpenFilerBackups/
    remote-backup@openfiler299's password:
    receiving incremental file list
    sent 34 bytes received 1195197 bytes 341494.57 bytes/sec
    total size is 1215886 speedup is 1.02

    Now what?

    Also, I'm not sure where the /home/remote-backup/bin/ command is supposed to come into play?

    How might I manually run the rsync command with the extra options to verify the command line? When I try that, it's prompting for a password, which would imply I don't have the keys set up right?

    root@omv-pd:/var/lib/openmediavault/ssh/keys# rsync -avz -e ssh --numeric-ids -q -e '/usr/bin/ssh -oStrictHostKeyChecking=no -p 22 -i /var/lib/openmediavault/ssh/keys/openmediavault-1a5daba4-f676-4f33-a1b1-a7840deecf39' --delete-excluded --exclude=/lost+found --hard-links remote-backup@openfiler299:/mnt/vg-sda2/sda2-shares/MusicOnHold /media/4547cf41-3d1b-4133-af1f-c0fd9312fc53/OpenFilerBackups/
    remote-backup@openfiler299's password:

    sure enough, if I manually enter the password, rsync transfers files successfully....though no output. I guess I'm not understanding how the key exchange is supposed to work.

    so here's the result:

    ln -s Backups/CloudStorage/Dropbox/_Private/Photos/Events/2015-08-28 Badass Dash/Feared Floats/2015-08-29 09.51 Badass Dash_3542.jpg ./Filetypes/ImagesBackups/CloudStorage/Dropbox/_Private/Photos/Events/2015-08-28 Badass Dash/Feared Floats/2015-08-29 09.51 Badass Dash_3542.jpg

    but I want to "collapse" all the filetypes into a single directory, and filenames have spaces in them, so I would need a result like this:

    ln -s Backups/CloudStorage/Dropbox/_Private/Photos/Events/2015-08-28\ Badass\ Dash/Feared\ Floats/2015-08-29\ 09.51\ Badass\ Dash_3542.jpg ./Filetypes/Images/2015-08-29\ 09.51\ Badass\ Dash_3542.jpg

    Is there another/better way to reference a file other than escaping the spaces? like I what I would do in windows?:
    "2015-08-29 09.51 Badass Dash_3542.jpg"

    I was following the syntax up until the curly brackets. :/

    Since I'm collapsing all the files into a single directory, what happens when there is a duplicate filename?

    Easy concept, but difficult to explain.

    My OMV box has large directory structures of several workstation backups (\Backups\). I'd like to create a separate flat directory structure of different file types (images, music, etc.) that are softlinks to the files contained within the \Backups\ directory structure, like this.

    The idea is, for example, I have a single, flat directory I can browse to to see all my pictures.

    My question is if there is some Linux utility (or Windows I suppose) that can do this, or do I have to build some script that would do this on some scheduled basis? If I have to build a script, does anyone have something that will do this, or give me a good starting point?


    root@omv-pd:~# free -h
    total used free shared buffers cached
    Mem: 7.9G 7.5G 441M 0B 64M 7.0G
    -/+ buffers/cache: 457M 7.5G
    Swap: 217M 0B 217M

    So I'm good, right? Even though this it what my summary shows?

    Uh oh...(you) questioned this before, why I'm running 32-bit. Now that I increased my memory above 4GB, dang, now I need 64-bit. I have a fully configured, working-well OMV 2.2.2. Is there a way to "upgrade" to 64-bit kernel without having to rebuilding/reconfiguring all that I've done to get my 32-bit installation working just the way I want?

    When I try to make any changes to Access Rights Management, I get an error window:

    Awww...sorry to read this, "...drop the project". Though there are " plenty of other methods that are more up to date to perform backups", the incredibly efficient use of storage via compression and pooling sets BackupPC apart from the other solutions. I appreciate the guide here, and will be using it to make my OMV also my backup appliance. Thank you for your effort anyway.

    I'd like to bump this. I'm familiar with BackupPC, and would love to have it incorporated into OMV. With so much discussion about backing up to/from OMV, BackupPC is extremely space efficient using it's pooling and compression mechanism. One example of disk use: 95 laptops with each full backup averaging 3.6GB each, and each incremental averaging about 0.3GB. Storing three weekly full backups and six incremental backups per laptop is around 1200GB of raw data, but because of pooling and compression only 150GB is needed - that's impressive!

    Though I *could* just point my current BackupPC to OMV storage, I think it would be better to have BackupPC *ON* OMV as a single storage *AND* backup appliance.

    I'm building an OMV box as a data repository and possibly a backup destination for clients. The data volumes are on LVM. Ideally, I'd like to be able to do differential/incremental backup of everything from OMV1 shares to an OMV2 destination, with versioning and dedupe like BackupPC does.

    First question: might I be able to have BackupPC coexist on the same OMV box? That would *really* be cool. Otherwise, I'd need a different host/VM for BackupPC, and use an OMV mount as BackupPC's repository - doable, but it would be much more efficient if it didn't have to transport everything over a network protocol.

    I've been reading about rsnapshot, remoteshare, rsync, rdiff-backup, LVM snapshots...(OH MY!) I'm not able to wrap my head around some details.

    1) Seem's like rdiff-backup might be the solution I'm looking for (if not BackupPC), yes? Would rdiff-backup run on OMV2 and "pull" the backups from OMV1, or would it run on OMV1 and "push" the backups to OMV2?

    2) rsnapshot would require consuming local storage to backup the local shares, so this solution could potentially leave me with less than half of my available storage if I'm using incremental backups, right? The github for the openmediavault-rsnapshot says, "It allows the user to configure incremental backups of any shared folder to any other shared folder", but that's not exactly true, because I can't use remote shares because of it using hardlinks to save disk space, right? Plus, it wasn't recommended by ryecoaaron. So am I creating a "local backup share" to which rsnapshot would backup the other shares to.

    3) rsync from OMV1 to OMV2 will really just give me a mirrored copy/sync, right? So I don't get versioning

    4) I keep seeing references to "remoteshares" (or remote-shares). How/where do I install that? I've been unable to install it with apt-get install 'openmediavault-remoteshare'. Is there a way to list the available packages? It does not show in web GUI Plugins page