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    I'm able to login to OMV WebGUI from a number of machines just fine. However, on one machine (IE 10), I get to the blue login page, but I don't have any login dialog. I assumed this might be a java issue, but I've installed Java and still no. I'm able to access other java-based sites. I've looked at compatibility mode, trusted sites settings, etc., but still no login dialog.

    How do I get IE 10 browser able to login dialog of the WebGUI?

    I'd like to modify the MAIL-FORMAT statement. But seems that the changes I make get overwritten by omv-mkconf monit. So where can I define MAIL-FORMAT that omv-mkconf monit will use? Primarily, I'd like to change the subject line. (I'm still fighting the distinction of Resource limit matched vs. Resource limit succeeded).

    You mention in another post that I can modify:

    but I'm not sure how or what I may modify it to be.

    I event tried creating my own injection as /etc/monit/conf.d/openmediavualt-mailformat.conf, but it get's wiped out with omv-mkconf monit

    I was doing some I/O testing between iSCSI and SMB/CIFS for a Windows server and I was quite surprised that SMB/CIFS *DRAMATICALLY* outperformed iSCSI; my experience is that iSCSI is better if not comparable to SMB/CIFS, so I'm wondering if I just have some configuration issue with OMV. I doubt that it's on the client side or network, as an iSCSI connection to a different iSCSI target from the client produces acceptable performance.

    There are a lot of parameters to set on the target that I don't understand the implications of (mostly). I just used the default values (but did check "Immediate data" based on it's suggest to achieve better performance)

    (First: I'm a new user and my first post. I *LOVE* what I see. I have fairly deep OpenFiler experience, and I must say, OMV is much more polished in it's administration and I look forward to OMV swaying me away. :thumbsup: )

    While doing some performance testing, I noted that I was getting a lot of monit alerts, most of them loadavg and a few cpu wait. Watching top, I saw PHP5-fpm the top process, consuming CPU. I soon discovered that was related to having the OMV WebGui open. When I closed the WebGUI, my I/O benchmarking got *significantly* better.

    eems that should not be the case, that while sitting in the WebGUI (logged in, but not doing anything) should interfere (so significantly) with storage access.

    Seems that I'm all patched up, so not sure what else to do.

    (hopefully I'm posting this in the correct forum)