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    I think I found a little bug: When I enable the Trash share, save and apply the configuration, the share appears in the browse window. However when trying to open the share, I get a message saying it can't be found. After restarting the greyhole service through ssh, everything works as expected.

    Quote from "jhmiller"

    looks like the main branch is now the development branch, I have changed the script to install the master version instead of the main branch. If you re-install you will be on the master version now.

    Cheers. that's done it.

    However, new problem - I'm on OMV 0.5, and after I say yes in your script to installing a link to SickBeard, the OMV webpage loads as a blank page. Looking at the HTML source, there's some script tags in the body and that's all.

    Everything works fine before the link creation and if I uninstall Sickbeard using the script, everything works again.

    Also the script dumps you to the command line after install, didnt it return to the menu previously?

    nano /root/media_build/v4l/ivtv-alsa-pcm.c

    Then delete the line (near the top):

    #include <linux/printk.h>

    Save the file and quit Nano



    When it's finished

    make install