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    My gentle friend, I found the problem: it seems that if you want to download file WITHOUT advertisement the plugin works well, but in there is an advertisement before, it blocks the download.

    Is that a known issue? Is there a workaround?

    Hello, I'm trying to use downloader plugin to grab some Youtube videos.
    I've configured the download as in attached photo and it sayus that it's downloading, but it is so bys everal hours, but no file is in the download directory.
    Am I missing somethig? permissions maybe?

    Hello everybody, I switched from OMV 2 to OMV 3 a few month ago.
    In happened me more than one time that suddenly hard disk data began to give input output error ;( : don't know the reason because ale ALL NEW: 1 SEAGATE BARRACUDA 1TB and 1 WDRED 3TB.
    Once unmouted the disk PASS the Wd Lifeguard test adn the Seatool test with no problem ?( . As well, 100% functionality is reported in Hard Disk Sentinel and 100% health in HDTune pro ?(?( .
    In other worlds, the disks seem to be ALL RIGHT ?(?(?( .
    Never had problems in OMV 2.
    Did someone else experimented such a situation?
    Thanks in advice

    dear know-it-all gderf,
    in my life I am a 57 years old criminal and bankruptcy lawyer, dealing every day with critical human situation and getting on my shoulders the responsability of avoiding people to go to jail. I'm a 30 years experienced professional, with no spots on my curriculum.
    Computers are my hobby: I build them, buying CPUs, MoBos, HDs, Fans, Cases and so on and play with screwdrivers and thermal pastes. Unmouning a late 2009/mid 2010 Macbook and sell it in pieces on Ebay instead of trowing it away gives me the same satisfaction of a criminal absolution. I programmed my pfSense firewall, my 3CX PBX and my OMV Nases: all within my EXSi vsphere.
    I did all that in my spare time, without having read 1 BOOK COMPLITELY, and I'm aware that I have several and important theoric deficencies (in the latin sens of "deficio", that means "to miss something").
    All I do is try, try and try againg, till I get the result. Is the only way I know...
    Is that a professional approach? FOR SURE NOT, but at least I'm NOT a professional, so it OK like that.
    So when you ask me with your SUPERIOR tone if a read the documentation, treating me like a stupid, my answer is: YES, I read the docker official documentation until I ... got lost, and I did what I usually do: try, try, try, till a find a kind angel like nicjo814 who helped me to reach the target.
    So next time, let me suggest you that, instead of wasting your precious smart aleck time in answering to a questione WITH ANOTHER QUESTION, keep on doing what you are doing, and lease an ignorant like me alone!!!
    Adios, amigo!

    There is something I don't undestand in Docker plugin: my network is but the plugin works on I'm running qbittorrent conteiner which IP (verified with ifconfig comand) is The ping on the external world is positive. So I added a second IP on my Windows PC:, but browsing I don't reach bittorrent GUI.
    Can someone realise what I'm doing wrong & help me, please?
    Thanks in advance

    Thanks for the reply. Actually I finally discover that the trouble disk where 2: 1 data disk and the other sys disk.
    Strange in that they are both 100% efficency DiskSentinel: the ssd 32 zeino sys disk is brand new! ?(
    I Clonezilled the sys disk and backuped the data disk; after that I wiped (shred) them both and renistall system and data.
    Now everythink semms to be working :thumbsup: ... knock on wood!

    Thanks for the reply, but why the GUI & the SSH became unreacheable? And why sinchthing plugin stops working, even if the folders syncronizing are not on the "future damaged" disk?
    And is it normal that the "blk_update_request: I/O error, dev sdX, sector XXXX" keeps on comparing for pages and pages?
    Thanks againn

    Hi folks,
    I'm experimenting real troubles in 2 -> 3 upgrade!
    I have 2 NAS running and in both cases I had a disk issue (SMART monitoring, as I can see late, becomes RED): when it happened, OMV GUI and SSH service become both unreacheable, so that I have to phisically reboot the system to see what happened and make the opportune repairs.
    Anyway NFS and SAMBA kept on working normally, but the plugins (e.g. syncthing) were broken.
    The NAS screen kept on running a "blk_update_request: I/O error, dev sdX, sector XXXX".
    Often happens that I receive from my "fauthful mine" OMV assistant an error email about "collect service", but now I "started" the service and it ain't gonna happen no more. Graphics are ok: why the demon does not start automatically?
    I'm really thinking about switching back to OMV 2 (never had problem with that!!!)

    Thanks a lot. I appreciate Clonezilla too, but it's not very practical, cause U have to shut down the server. I'm trying "rear relax & recover" and it seems to be working fine, but I'm concerned about the possibilities of system damage when OMV was in production. Snapshots seem to be a reacheable goal for the new free VEEAM lunux backup. Did U try one of these or another backup for live systems?

    I know that this thing must have been asked several times, but dind't find anything in the forum, so here I am....
    I'm experimenting OMV3, coming from old, dear OMV2 (why EOL, poor?), and I'd like to do a couple of operations:
    1) take a system snapshot, so than I can go back if something goes wrong (like it was a VM);
    is than possible somehow?
    2) have a system disk backup for disaster recovery: I saw the plugin "backup" and I'm asking: in case of emergency can I make a fresh install of OMV3 on a new hd/ssd and simply (re)copy all the backupped files to the new sys disk? Is that enought?
    Thanks folks!

    Thanks a lot for the immediate reply.
    My background color is now different!
    But the color of the login page corner and the dashboard corner still resist to all my changement attempts ... :cursing:
    Is there somewhere a legenda of all the OMV GUI parameters to focus where to change the HEX color codes?
    Thanks again.

    Once in OMV2 I used to change color background to single OMV server to have a different graphical impact.
    I followed this guide
    In OMV3 I changed color HEX value in file omv-custom.css in directory /var/www/openmediavault/css but this doesn't chage OMV aspect no more...
    Is it possible to simply change the backgroud colors also in OMV3?
    Thanks in advance

    Hello folks,is there an EASY way to take a snapshot of the ENTIRE (RUNNING) SYSTEM and after that RESTORE it?
    It occured me that I messed up OMV system, changing something here and there, and that I was unable to come back ?( . I don't wanna use a COLD backup (like clonezilla) that needs to turn off the NAS: just at the end of the day I want come back, e.g. to the day before if something is messed up. I think that OMV Backup utility is right for that, but i didn't find the way to RESTORE the system: only found a thread explaining the RESTORE using SystemRescueCD, but I don't understand if it's the right (or the only) way <X .
    So, please, is there an angel :saint: who can provide me a STEP TO STEP guide to Backup the system and to restore it like a was going back in a taken SNAPSHOT of a VM machine, while the system itself keeps on running?
    Thanks in advance
    Massimo from Italy