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    jep, sometimes it is...

    Well, on all the windows and other linux hosts, its working nicely with the current configuration. As I run out of options I did a check with a Ubuntu VM today with a simple ssh server and it worked out of the box. So I guess the FB config should be fine, since router-advertisement is also enabled and my other linux machines are completely self-configuring without any manual intervention. The static gateway I configured preliminary to get my other stuff working is a fe80:: right now, and the FB keeps a static postfix unless you explicitly change it manually.

    Now, all options are correctly taken vom DHCPv6 in OMV, therefor I still suspect some sort of configuration error, since the default route in v6 is normally provided via router-advertisement. Seems like you have to enable this explicitly and I'm not sure if the current OMV ifconfig does so properly. I found this:…rce/ifupdown/+bug/1013597
    Could it be that the fritzbox is not advertising in regular intervals, and the advertisements to the kernels initial solicitations are ignored?

    Maybe some Mod/Dev can comment on the issue? Could the launchpad "bug" apply here?

    not quite sure, but shouldn't there be an IPv6 gateway somewhere:

    Edit: Got it working by manually defining a default route for the IPv6 (seems like this is not properly advertised by dhcp?) with

    ip -6 route add default via fe80::a96:d7ff:fe12:3941 dev eth1


    But this won't survive a reboot...any way to make this the config static in such a way that it also survives updates and OMV config changes through the gui??

    Jep, I'm aware of that and only using IPv6 for connecting...with my router (fritzbox) however you have to enable the ports in the firewall for IPv6, which I have done properly (it's been working with the old xpenology setup) and there are at least some packets that seem to make it through to omv as in the tcpdump above, but I guess somethings blocking and I just cant figure out whats going on...

    Once this is done I'm going to make a pydio-install & setup guide based on the websites and mysql plugin from extras (since it was super easy to install, instance is already running but only internal access since this issue is not resolved, however there's no up-to-date guide or how to) for the forum which pretty much obsoletes a plugin for the future. I'm willing to return something for a little help :)

    Please :)

    tracing the problem down (I'm quite a novice in linux...):

    looks to me like tcpdump reveals that the port forwarding is working, so it's not a NAT/FW issue from the router since something from the outside world is arriving:

    What next? Seems like something is blocking...but I can't really figure out what and how to configure this correctly.

    What now?

    Hi folks,

    first of all thanks for all the effort with the forum and omv, great work!

    I've been using synology for quite a while and went xpenology with a custom build that I've been updating with new hardware from time to time. I switched to omv for numerous reasons the last days, and its working nicely so far :) , except:

    Local connections are fine, but I can't get access from WAN. I'm on a IPv6 + DS-Lite, but thats usually not the issue. Port forwarding seems ok, I'm currently only testing with port SSH, since i will only use ssh tunnels later on for security reasons and maybe a pydio instance directly available for convenience. When I test the ports with a online port scanner, the result is a access denied on other ports than 22 (I guess my fritzbox sends ICMP replies) and a timeout on port 22.

    Am I missing something? The network/firewall/hosts config is stock right now, so could something be blocking?? I'm still no expert on the shell, so could someone help me out on this? ?( Local IPv6/IPv4 access is working, both work with ssh/gui/samba/etc...

    Edit (some infos):

    So long,