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    I have used both before (I had paid for the unraid ugrade) but am much happier with omv for my purposes. My main requirements were Plex for my media and Tvheadend to record UK freeview TV plus file serving/back up duties. Whilst I could get it to work with unraid I found that a lot of the unraid plugins were hosted on individuals dropbox or other cloud services. If you rebooted your machine and that indivdual had reached their bandwith limit, their plugin would not load. The omv plugins appear to use the Debian repositories, so thats not a problem. Also being debian its easier to add other debian based programs. For example tvheadend is running on mine as a normal Debian tvheadend install. On unraid it was a bit of a hack to get tvheadend to run on it.

    Also unraid uses riserfs (or did at the time) so you would need a copy of Ubuntu 12.04 if you wanted to read the disks. Where as my raid 5 install could be moved to my ubuntu machine if needed and it would just work.

    Did you ever work out how to change this? I need to manually install owncloud (I have omv running on top of owncloud for specific driver reasons) and port 80 clashes. Alternatively how do I manually change the default owncloud port??


    I am trying to manually install owncloud as my need case demands but am running into the port 80 issue. The owncloud plugin gets around this I assume by changing the default owncloud port, can someone tell me how this was done?


    I should mention im running omv on top of a debian desktop.


    I've installed tvheadend on my server. Ive used a fresh install of omv and the tuner was picked up and the drivers added to /lib/firmware. I know the tuner is Linux compatible as Ive used in im my Ubuntu rig for a year. Everything seams to work for a couple of hours then tvheadend locks completely. I cant stop/start/restart it from the command line, only a system reboot works. Then in another couple of hours it does it again. The only other plugin Im currently running is Plex.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    Im using this plugin to share remote files from my tvheadend server to plex on my omv server. I used it previously and I was able to mount the remote files in a folder on my main share. However, I have reinstalled my system and now it appears to take over the whole of the main share rather than mount it into the allocated folder. Any idea's?


    I am trying to install ZFS on a new install. Ive downloaded the latest from the site and installed it and all of the updates (my version goes from 1.9 to 1.16 during the update process??) Ive then installed OMV-extras and when ever I try to tick the ZFS and ZFS testing options and click 'save' the boxes uncheck themselves and nothing is installed. Ive also tried downloading the latest openmediavault-zfs.deb file but when I try to install that it tells me it requries debian-zfs which is not avaliable. Any ideas what Im doing wrong? Im sure that is what I did a couple of months ago.