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    I will do so this evening. I suspect though that it might be the NIC. this MB comes with an NVidea controller. I'm heading out and can pick up something you recommend for performance.

    also, I am picking up a my parents old desktop that has a quad ore and and better mb. I'll test that one out for performance to compare.

    i appreciate your time and help.


    I am really hoping someone can help me out here. I've searched a lot on the forums and I haven't been able to solve my problem. I love OMV, and really do not want to jump ship. Hopefully it is just something software..

    My setup:
    Main computer - Imac
    Router - 2012 airport extreme gigabit ethernet lan

    OMV Install:
    P5n7A-VM Motherboard
    Intel Pentium Dual core 550
    4 gigs of ram
    2x2TB WD greens
    1X3 TB Seagate external

    Running LMV pooled together

    I roughly get 5.4 Megs per file 2 files at a time for a total transfer speed of 10-12 megs. I get similar speeds regardless of SMB, AFP or NFS.

    when writing to pool via RSYNC I do not have these constraints at all. I was able to copy over an entire 3TB external in 24 hrs, which is what I was getting with my iMac.

    Please let me know what info you may need, and thank you all for your help!