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    Have you used it? I had the hacked bios and it still did not recognize my enclosure.

    Yes, you can see from my BIOS, Port #4 is actually the eSATA port (0-3 are the removable bay, 5 is ODD), here I turned on RAID BIOS so that I can see them clearly before loading OS, but actually using AHCI with hacked BIOS will work as well. (For some reason I cannot show the drive model number, so I wiped it from the JPG)

    When I started with OMV some month ago, I also did this with a old PC, which was quite newer than yours 3.0GHz Intel Dual Core. It was good for learning, but after a while, I did an economical calculation and found that the power consumption is that high, that I easily could buy a brand new server and it will easily amortize within 1 to 2 years, depending, if you run it in 24/7.
    Instead of buying a new one, I bought then a used HP N40l for €100, which is still good enough runnning OMV in private home environment and pretty low in power consumption. cost savings are approx €150/year.

    I agree, but the one I have, is just TDP 19W, which is pretty low (well, HDDs are consuming power no matter what motherboard you choose), that's why I plan to keep it.
    I do have N54L as well, and I've just built another more powerful one, with quad core Atom C2550, has TDP 14W but capable to do 2 live stream of video transcoding!

    Thanks for the info.

    I'm already running the modded BIOS as I wanted the 5th SATA port to run at full speed and the ability to hot swap the drives. I haven't got as far as buying the JBOD enclosure yet as I've been busy with work and just haven't got around to it but I'll be sure to try it out when I get one.

    I've already got an ASM1061, but I can make use of this in addition to the N54L's port. I've not used the BIOS soft RAID, but instead plan to have a ZRAID2.

    The soft RAID is useless, linux will bypass that and seeing independent disks, it only works for Windows.

    Just found the pretty old Intel D201GLY2 before moving to a new house, I have to say this is really crappy compared to technologies nowadays, but it's still good as a cheap storage.The Intel D201GLY2 is a mini-ITX board, with Celeron 220 (1.2GHz) soldered, passively cooled, only 1GB DDR2 memory is supported! For linux based storage this won't be a big deal.

    2 x SATA 1.5Gbps, not really a big issue for spinning HDD, my concern is more on capacity limit. Tried to hook up with 4TB drive, only 18xx GB recognized in BIOS, but....! Under linux it can be recognized and create single 4TB partition on the drive, bravo! So I can make a 4TB RAID mirror.

    1 x PATA port.....pretty useless nowadays, but I can still make good use of it. Inside my drawer there are a few PATA drives (old laptop/desktop drives, ranged 40-320GB), I just hook up a 80GB PATA drive for transmission temp folder (the only way I can find them useful now) + 1 CF-IDE adaptor to put OMV system on (still remember 1 PATA port can hook 2 drives? :P )

    The only problem is, onboard 10/100M LAN, luckily there is a free PCI slot, I can grab second hand PCI interface GbE LAN card to use on this machine, and it makes perfect sense now :DThe major purpose of this a storage for my father's home, plus a remote backup for my own storage at home :)

    As I already got some other old PSU/case at home, basically I just need to pay for a second hand PCI GbE and I can expect the old hardware piece is gonna work for another few year.


    I'm an owner of HP N54L, so I can tell you some of my experience on this.
    The hardware itself, yes, supports SATA multiplier on eSATA port, but the BIOS doesn't. So you have to look for a BIOS hack (Google is your friend), without the hack, internal SATA for ODD can't even run in AHCI mode.
    I did the hack and everything works fine.

    I bought an Orico 3539RUS3 (USB3 + eSATA), a 3-bay enclosure, set it to CLEAR RAID mode, with BIOS setting to AHCI/RAID mode you will be able to see all 3 ext. drives.
    One more note, if you use RAID mode, inside the system BIOS you might not be able to see all disks (probably another bug), so in case you want a specific disk to boot, you might have trouble to pick the one you want (but the one on ODD port should be fine), the RAID BIOS will tell you have a multiple of drives belongs to port #4.
    If you choose AHCI, you will see only first disk of your enclosure in BIOS, no worry, under linux they can be recognized, I tested with OMV and all disks can be used.

    Hope this helps.

    I want a downloader with user separation (with Transmission, everything you download will be known to others), not sure if integrating something like TorrentFlux will be good idea?
    And an integrated WebDAV browsing interface for end users to manage their files will be good.

    No, extplorer does not share the same users. You have to sign in a second time to get into extplorer.

    If your users are just using extplorer, they would be in the extplorer user list and wouldn't need to be in the omv user list. I have no idea if you could even integrate OMV and extplorer to use one list. I would much rather spend the time creating a native OMV file explorer than integrate OMV and extplorer.

    That would be nice if there is an integrated one.
    My idea is, once I created users, I can let them manage something through the web interface. Just like what Synology is doing, their download station has user separation, they will never know who else on the same NAS is downloading something, and then they can also login web to manage file + WebDAV downloading (I usually use FTP but you know how bad it could be if both ends are behind firewall, so I might still use that web interface to download/upload some stuff)

    The transmissionbt plugin has a user interface for all users.

    Extplorer will work for all users. The web interface under admin is just a link to http://server_name/extplorer/. You can go to that link without logging into OMV and with any users. Extplorer also has its own users that you administer in Admin window. You can even assign a starting directory (limits directories seen by user).

    So extplorer won't be sharing same users as OMV? I was thinking if there is any single sign on (SSO)


    Hello.&nbsp;<br />
    @edwardwong As I mentioned in my first post - this is how it's connected now to minimize point's of failure.<br />
    @tekkb - that's why I use this CISCIO SG 200-18 - this is dedicated device for it with managing, but with and without them the throughput is a problem.</p>

    <p>During this weekend, I've installed on this R510 FreeNAS and Windows 2012 to make sure that this is not software/driver relevant. On both of them &lt;=60MB/s was a max, so I'm make decision to add new Intel NIC to it.<br />
    Best regards. Pawel


    <p>I understand, but now it's troubleshooting, try with a direct connection to isolate problem first, once you figured out what's wrong then you can revert as you wish.</p>

    Just tried to create an user in OMV, after login, basically nothing useful showing up there.
    I can understand that most config are done and controlled by admin (just like my Synology NAS), but I missed something: Multi-user downloading.
    In my Synology NAS, bittorrent client will only present the torrent information to corresponding user + admin, and they can assign any download folder as long as that folder is located under their home, same thing for HTTP downloader. I'm planning to open a few more accounts for my friends so that everyone can control whatever they are downloading. (I don't see quota setting in OMV, did I overlook in the admin UI?)

    And I also found that the extplorer only works for admin.....I would really want users to be able to use this as well....'s not a very advanced setup, for client side even Windows 7 has internal support for this.
    The basic idea is, to allow single machine to connect the same iSCSI target with different network path at the same time, previously I tried this with something like Synology NAS, they do have support for this so I can use 2 GbE on client side to make a 2Gbps connection to server end.

    I have a N40l too and therefore, I read very often in some HP server related Forums. What I read there s that people try to buy the last remaining new N54l, because they don't want to go with GEN8. Also prices for N54l/N40l went extremely up in new and used condition. I did not made a detailed evaluation in this case, but it seems for me that GEN8 isn't very popular.
    I have only 4GB RAM, but I never came to the limits of the server using OMV, except once there was a buckwild behaviour of plexserver, which is of course some bug or error (need to investigate).

    I don't think it's worth the money, even, if you don't say the ammount. ;)

    Other than processing power, there were a few things N54L doing better than Gen8:
    1. On-board eSATA port for expansion, you can buy some mult-bay HDD dock (remember you need to have SATA multiplier inside to make it work) and expand your storage seamlessly.
    2. So called RAID card for Gen8 is crappy, and now there is a BIOS bug, if you do not install driver for that controller properly, the internal chassis fan will spin at full speed (which is weird), no fix at the moment. I heard somebody has to install ESXi on top so that they can "fix" problem, but this is no an option for me.
    3. 5.25" Optical drive bay in N54L can be converted to another 3.5" removable drive bay, or someone even put a 5.25 > 2 x 2.5" mount, route back external eSATA connection to make a 6-disk NAS (or you can use internal USB header for this purpose to save eSATA port).

    So that's why eventually I go for a new N54L 2 months ago instead of a Gen8.

    Not too sure, I'm from HK, in local forum we organized group order starting 2 months ago, 20-30 were ordered, from the beginning we have to wait for them to order from their supplier with EUR 250, now they always have them in stock and price in EUR is dropping too! Not very sure about Gen8, but for my N54L, HP will cover parts during warranty period no matter where you are buying from, so I believe this is really a good deal.....especially for the Dell T20 (I don't want high TDP CPU therefor it's not my cup of tea).

    You might probably want to buy from here:…erver-gen8-712317-421.asp

    I have a few friends already bought one from them, I have no idea how they can sell it at such a low price (frankly speaking, I bought a brand new HP N54L with 4GB ECC + 500GB HDD with USD 120 ~2 months ago, sounds crazy?)

    BTW, in US, there is Dell PowerEdge T20 with Pentium G3220 selling at USD 299, for Xeon option it will be USD 519.
    But if you look here:…poweredge-t20-20-3708.asp
    The same thing with Xeon is really cheap in Europe (almost half price), you might want to order something from Germany from now on.