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    I have some strange boot problems and as the server is running long times without booting I am not even sure when it startet.

    when booting the server hangs at the state you can see in the attached screenshot. the strange thing is, when I quit the shell, the boot process continues.

    also, the mdadm messages are a bit unnecessary as I don't use mdadm (having a hw raid), what is the proper way to disable it?

    # cat /proc/partitions
    major minor #blocks name
    8 0 1023988736 sda
    8 1 889804800 sda1
    8 2 1 sda2
    8 5 134180864 sda5
    8 16 75107851264 sdb
    8 17 75107850223 sdb1

    I have an Adaptec 8405 SGL inside the OMV server and can read out the smart values just fine with smartctl -d sat --all /dev/sg2 to ..16 - any chance to get the SMART panel in OMV populated with this info?

    sure, what I meant is that I have the latest stable docker-compose installed but it doesn't accept v3 docker-compose.yml files. so, it's something I haven't figured out yet, has maybe nothing to do with docker-compose but my silly brain.

    I want to install plex via docker in bridge mode and this conflicts with avahi-daemon installed in OMV. can I disable avahi-daemon? I don't need any network discovery..

    Not sure if bug or feature:

    I start a docker from the shell like this:

    docker run --name=nginx -e -e VIRTUAL_PORT=30080 -p 30080:80 -v /srv/dev-disk-by-label-data/temp:/usr/share/nginx/html:ro -d nginx

    when I then go and modify it in the GUI (say change the restart policy) it completely forgets all parameters and is restarted without any.

    I just installed OMV 4 and I am missing the extra repo menu in the control panel and so am missing the docker repos. how can I install docker?

    (btw, n OMV3 there was docker and docker CE - which is the correct one?)

    I would appreciate a small addition to the Docker GUI UI:

    most docker images come with instruction to start via command line. It would be nice to have a small text field which simply sends a command line like

    docker run -p 9000:9000 --name minio1 -v /mnt/data:/data -v /mnt/config:/root/.minio minio/minio server /data

    directly to the system, thus creating a docker container with all the variables pre filled. saves opening a shell or manually transferring the variables into the GUI..

    btw.. the creation of nginx reverse proxy websites is a bit tiresome, in the light of docker and a lot of services where we need these kind of proxies, maybe you can create an interface shortcut for creating a proxy or just filling in the usual options for it?