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    Many thanks for this fix. I was wondering, am I okay to try applying this patch to Kralizec rather than having to upgrade to Stoneburner? Would I just need to use patch to apply the diff file?
    I'm familiar with software development, but come mostly from a Java and C#/.NET background. I'd love to get into Linux programming and even try out PHP.

    My concern is, if I apply the patch and I do an apt-get update and apt-get upgrade, the change will be clobbered. Would I need to create a .deb package and then install with dpkg? If I did this, is there a way I can somehow pin the change and stop apt/dpkg from overwriting it? There's the obvious risk here that I might miss other changes/updates though.

    I guess I'd like to create my own backport if possible, mostly out of curiosity ;)

    Thanks again.