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    I have recently installed a fresh copy of OMV (vs4) and immediately after the installation completed I got the following error at boot time:

    kernel: [1950.194408] [drm:radeon_vga_detect [radeon]] *ERROR* VGA-1: probed a monitor but no|invalid EDID.

    When the system is booting it gets stuck on this error over and over again in an endless loop while it keeps retrying and appears to not complete the boot process, however it seems to be otherwise working in that I am able to access shares over the network. Any ideas please? I have been using OMV for many years and not seen this issue on the same monitor and VGA card. As it is an onboard card I won't be changing it any time soon.


    PS: Has nobody any ideas on this??

    I would really like some help with this as OMV will not boot past this monitor error now at all. Is there nobody out there prepared to offer some support?

    OK. 67 views and not one attempt to answer. I'm wasting my time here. Am I doing something wrong? What is the problem?

    OK - I give up. Waste of space

    Thanks. Cryptic is an understatement.... I've been getting that error for nearly 3 years with no help in finding out what it is. Why it thinks I am spamming is anybody's guess.
    I access all my media from Windows, Android, Linux and a proprietary TV OS. I'm not a big proponent of doing anything that requires setting up accounts but accept it is necessary sometimes. Thus, Plex is not for me amd it is more than I need. I just samba/Windows shares to access everything. It generally all works well. I don't really like DLNA as it doesn't always present my media the way I want. When I can set up a network path directly that is best for me. So, I'm now concentrating on my other problem thread.

    Hi. It doesn't make sense to me either. Yes, I installed OMV 4 from scratch (I didn't remove the original corrupt version) which I assume formatted the OS drive. Anyway, unlike the earlier attempt I got no errors this time, the install went to plan. I obviously had to set all the drives up again which was successful for all the others but the 2 in question. OMV knows they are there yet says they are missing and I cannot gain any access to them to use them. I think after the install OMV lists all the available drives under DISKS which in this case was all of them. This is not where it says missing. They are missing under FILE SYSTEM. All drives are formatted for EXT4 (from the previous install) and contain lots of files. If I highlight one of the missing drives MOUNT is greyed out so I cannot mount it, even though it says EXT4. There are 7 drives all in all and 5 of them configured perfectly; 2 didn't.

    OK. Change of scenario. I wasn't getting anywhere so bit the bullet and with a lot of difficulty (Windows isn't so bad after all) formatted one of the drives which seems to be working normally but I've lost all the data. The one remaining problem is I took the other drive out, popped it into a Windows OS and formatted it to NTFS which all went with the ease I've come to expect. I replaced this drive from OMV with another NTFS drive and need to format it to EXT4 but can't see how to do it from within OMV. Any ideas?

    Hi and thanks for your reply. Yes, I had on my original version but the version I have didn't work after I upgraded and I found it quite difficult to get it up & running again, but I now have it all working again. I looked at Emby and Plex but they don't do what I want, just a simple DLNA without accounts and frills. MiniDLNA works for me, even though I am not a great fan of DLNA. I prefer a path to a folder that I can set up manually but it's not always possible to do this.

    PS. While a moderator is looking to approve, perhaps he/she can also take a look at this constant error I get while posting:

    ID: eb6308ee20ef48082ac76fb70cd28b9482c7f027
    Please send the ID above to the site administrator.
    The error message can be looked up at “ACP » Logs » Errors”.

    Sometimes it will still post other times it won't but it is nearly every time I try and post anything. I have attempted to send the ID to the administrator but that never works either.

    OK. Following my previous query about access to drives failing, I downgraded from v4 back to 3 which failed badly. I now have a fresh install of v4 from scratch and have a whole new problem. Everything appears to be working OK with the exception of 2 hard drives which were previously working but are now listed as "missing". They are not missing but I have lost the ability to make them function. On the attached clips, OMV6 shows the error from the log file. OMV1 shows what I am seeing in File Systems. OMV2 shows the drives listed under SMART that are missing which look good to me. OMV3 shows the manner in which the drive is listed in Shared Folders/Edit which looks suspect. OMV4 shows the Shared Folders view of the drive and OMV5 shows the entire list of devices with the 2 "missing" drives appearing differently from the rest. I cannot see a way at present to make them work. I hope the attached pics show the whole story and I look forward to some ideas as to how to get my 2 drives back without formatting them and starting all over again.

    Thanks in advance

    I recently upgraded from version 2 where I had successfully installed MiniDLNA, to version 3. I cannot see any way to reinstall MiniDLNA nor does Googling it come up with anything useful by way of instructions. Plugins does not seem to contain any DLNA facility which seems a bit odd for a product named Open Media Vault. How do I get DLNA back on? It doesn't have to be MiniDLNA but I am not interested in Plex, just a simple DLNA plugin will do nicely. I was also wondering if there was a plugin to shutdown the server at a given time. I find the built-in method rather unintuitive and would like something easier to understand.

    Thanks in advance.

    Denies me access to files/no permissions. I thought I clarified that. Actually, I'll put this on hold for now as I tried to downgrade back to version 3 (stable) and it all went crazy. Nothing is working. I'm going to reinstall v3 from scratch and see what happens. I'm not sure how to close this.

    I have had a problem for the past 3 years with my OMV server (2 different versions) in that after it has been on for a while it denies me access. I cannot transfer any files in either direction. My (7) drives all check out as good (no SMART errors), I have drives ranging from 1TB up to 4TBs, Seagate & WD. I keep my OMV up to date. The error message I receive states that I do not have permissions. Well, i did up until it told me I didn't. It is a daily occurrence and my workaround is just to restart the computer and then it works perfectly again for maybe a few hours and then does it again and so on round and round. I have tried to ask this question multiple times over the past 3 years but always got some sort of error so it never got posted. This is merely another attempt. Who knows, I might be lucky. Never get a response from admins either when I tried to get help.

    Any thoughts welcome.

    I have been using OMV for 3-4 years and in use it runs well up until the errors I am experiencing. I tried to sort this out through the forum a couple of years ago but got nowhere so left it and put up with the issues but it is time to have another go as I am having a spate of problems. My OMV is up-to-date (ran updates last week) but I have had the problems since a previous build. So it has been playing up for a little over 2 years.

    1. Whenever I shut OMV down I get an error message which tells me nothing but the fact there was an error. It has always done this. I just close the browser and OMV closes without any other problems.

    2. I get random & frequent inability to transfer files to/from OMV. I have multiple drives which all test as good. I can be copying a file over and at some point it will just stop, usually giving me the error "I need administrator permission to continue". It is nothing to do with administrator permission as far as I can see as it works much of the time OK and I don't change anything. Other times I look at one of the shared drives and 100s of files/folders are missing, even though a few can be seen (but not accessible). Other times I open a drive up and it is devoid of anything - totally empty. I get round all of this by restarting and all my data returns. It is all films of these file types, AVI, MKV, MP4. It can work perfectly for 1/2/3 months and then just give up until I reboot after which it works normally till the next time. Other times it could seize up from one day to the next.

    I would love to crack both problems this time around so any good advice is gratefully received. Thanks

    Hi. Sorry, I don't know what that means. I had a look at the link but that's for people that know more than I do. I'm using the current release of OMV - that's all I know. As this problem has been going on for 2 versions of OMV that is well over a year. Neither of the 2 drives have changed their behaviour in any way and the problem doesn't get any worse or better, it just doesn't go away. One drive is 4TB and the other is in fact 2 x 1TB drives striped RAID, so they have nothing in common and maybe size doesn't matter. Several other drives installed have no issues.

    OMV v2.2.13.
    Since the previous version of OMV I have had an issue with one drive (a 4TB drive) rejecting access. Windows 10 says I have no permissions to access the drive which of course is not true. I have several smaller drives on this computer and they all function well. While I am able to read the 4TB drive there is always a 10 second delay while the alphabetical order sorts it self out then it remains OK for a few hours until it then has to sort the alphabetical order out again. Every 4 weeks or so I get the access problem . A reboot cures it every time temporarily. Recently a 2TB RAID drive has started to exhibit the same behaviour. I have tested the drives and there are no errors.

    Any ideas?


    1. Among the many drives I have attached to my 2.2.13 OMV computer, there is a 4TB HDD which works almost normally most of the time but every 3-4 weeks it throws up an error saying I don't have permissions to access the drive via a network share set up. It also has a minor issue with initial opening of the drive (when I can access it) in that none of the files are in alphabetical order and take a few seconds to correct this. None of the other drives do this so I don't know if the larger capacity has anything to do with it. I don't know why it says I have a permissions issue all of a sudden. I correct the issue with a reboot until the next time.

    2. I have a 2nd 2TB HDD which had an issue this evening for the first time in that I tried to copy a 350MB file to a folder which contained about 15 similar files but it would not copy. I could see the folder but when I opened it there was nothing inside. I checked some other folders in this particular group and they were all empty. The remaining HDDs were working normally. Once again a restart brought the missing files back.

    Problem 1 has been doing this since the previous version.

    Any thoughts please?

    I am using OMV v2.2.13. On this version and the previous version I have had a problem with a 4TB HDD not functioning correctly randomly. By this I mean it allows me to transfer files normally for 2 - 3 weeks or so and then when I try it again I get an error saying I don't have permissions to make the transfer, which of course is nonsense. The other behaviour that occurs on this drive is when I first access it normally through my network shares, the folders are not in alphabetical order and it takes a few seconds before it corrects this. I have other drives of smaller capacity that don't behave like this, but this may mean nothing. I always resolve the non-transfer/no permission by a reboot. This evening for the first time on a different drive I went to copy some files and although I could open the folders where I wanted to put the files, they displayed no existing contents and I could not copy to any folders on this particular drive only. Once again a reboot resolved it.

    I'm starting a new thread as the old one dried up. I have both EXT4 and NTFS file systems in my OMV NAS. The EXT4 drives are working fine but I want to leave the NTFS drives as they are due to the huge amount of data involved and the length of time it would take to transfer it all off and then back.
    The NTFS shares are only showing the top level directory (the one I have shared) but not the hundreds of sub-directories inside. These folders should be recursive in that if I share the top level folder, all the others inside should also be shared on the network but they are not. They are with the EXT4 file system and they are in Windows itself but not as an OMV share.When I go to set it up initially the top level folder is shown in amongst all the sub folders rather than being one level up. I hope that all makes sense. So, how do I fix it?


    OK, Ive just tried to get the NAS ready but I now have a more pressing problem. It gets about two thirds of the way through loading and then it starts terminating everything, completely reversing the boot procedure. I can see it shuts down in a controlled manner but this is a new development and something I will have to correct before you can remote in. Sorry for the hassle.

    Is anybody there still?

    OK, it seems to be working again. I ran a 6 hour full diagnostic and stress test and it passed everything. Funny thing is the shutdown problem hasn't happened since the test so I have no idea what happened. I certainly didn't fix anything. There is another issue as well. When I Shutdown or Restart it generates an error which does not go away (doesn't tell me what the error is though) and I have to forceably close the browser. It does seem to work though.

    Otherwise, I have the answer to the share problem. I have shared the top level directory containing the 100s of sub-directories and they just can't be seen. These directories should be recursive but I can't find a way to do it. When I pointed the share path to a sub-directory it appeared in my Windows shares on the network. How do I fix this? If I look at my ext4 share, the path points to the top level directory and if I open that up it shows correctly 2 sub-directories. If I do the same for the NTFS drives the top level directory is listed in the same place as all the other directories rather than being the container as in the ext4 shared drive.


    As this seems to have ground to a halt I will abandon it it and start afresh in the hope I can get some answers. I can't see how to close it so I'll leave at this point.

    Well, not only can't I see how to close this off but my new thread has vanished so basically I'm stuck.

    Hi David. No I didn't check in the CLI as I can see in the GUI the amount of disk usage is the same as it was in Windows. Nothing has changed with these NTFS disks other than they are now in an OMV machine. They are clearly shared as the shares appear on my network, there is just nothing in them whereas all my shared files appear on my other 2 OMV NTFS drives. I should say that I can copy and delete files to the NTFS disks over my network, but still cannot see the existing files.

    OK, thanks. I have done more today and there is nothing wrong with the system disk. It had been running Windows without issue for 2 years and diagnostic tests say the drive is 100%. Anyway, I fixed the shares issue this morning which now only leaves one problem. All the NTFS volumes come up empty. I can see the data usage with the existing NTFS file system but in Windows there is nothing showing in any of the shares. My other 2 OMV machines show NTFS without issue. I would like to move the NTFS file system over to EXT4 but it means relocating 8TB of data and putting it back, something I would prefer not to do and given that the other computers handle this OK it seems it should work.