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    Just to confirm, there is still the possibility to change port 80 for omv to, let's say, port 81, right? And port 81 might not be open to the internet!
    As long as my seafile service is listening on port 80 and nginx is redirecting the request of /.well-know/acme-challenge to /var/www/openmediavault... it should work, or am I misunderstanding something??

    hello everybody,

    I finally managed to install omv3. I am planning to install seafile (managed by the nginx plugin, reverse proxying) and i definitely want to use lets-encrypt for its ssl connection.

    But my first question is a little bit more general:
    I have my omv installation running on port 80. Domain is owned by me. Portforwarding is 80-->80 for my omv-lan-ip. I successfully created a lets-encrypt certificate using the standard /var/www/openmediavault as webroot. This is all good.

    As far as I understood lets-encrypt needs access to my server on port 80 (all the time?). What I absolutely don't want, however, is that my omv-installation is accessible from outside my lan. So, is there any way to block this access other than changing the port 80 omv is running on??

    Despite not having seafile installed yet I already created two servers at the nginx-plugin section:
    The one running on port 80 (just showing what is set under "additional options"):

    and the one running on port 443 with the lets-encrypt certificate activated (just showing what is set under "additional options"):

    Any help is much appreciated.

    Sorry, but I really don't get it...
    What if I disable and reenable the plugin...? Then 02nocache will be there again. So what then? Delete it AGAIN?
    A little more information about what is happening here and what is supposed to happen would be nice.

    Can I delete "partial" at /?
    Can I delete pkgcache.bin at /?
    Can I delete srcpkgcache.bin at /?

    Hmm...when I reactivated the plugin, rebooted, 02nocache was recreated. So far so good. After this the folder "partial" (the one that is usually under /var/cache/apt/) was recreated at / as well (I also deleted it before, additionally to the steps you recommended) --> doesn't this mean that all the downloaded *.deb's will go to / again?? I thought this was part of my original problem.... ?(

    @ryecoaaron It seems to me that this fix has not yet been implemented into the current version of the plugin. After disabling and re-enabling the flash memory plugin (and 2x rebooting) 02nocache is recreated. Will the version for omv 2 get an update for this?

    Ok, I think I found something that maybe interesting:
    I ssh'ed into the machine and that's what / looks like:

    However, /var/cache/apt/archives shows nothing but the folder partial (which is also empty).

    There is something wrong here, right? All those downloaded *.deb packages don't belong to /, do they?

    Don't know if you need it anymore, but here is the output you requested: