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    So I went ahead and installed Debian 9 after unplugging all my RAID drives from the MB. The only hitch I had was that once I installed from bootable USB, the boot loader was always pointing to the wrong drive. I got past it by editing the GRUB config on boot (press the "e" key on boot screen). I had to set the booth pointers from "root=/dev/sda" to "root=/dev/sdb". Tried editing fstab, but I just got a lot of errors. Maybe I ran into errors because I'm using a hardware raid controller for the system drives (2 SSD drives)

    As a last resort, I did:
    # update-grub
    # grub-install /dev/sda1

    I'm not sure if this fixed the GRUB loader to look at the SSD drive, but it does now load properly.

    I then went through the process of installing OMV4.

    After this, I just pulled up the web GUI and was able to login just fine.

    NOW, I shutdown, plugged in all my RAID drives again and booted up again. All my drives showed up and RAID status was clean.

    So it looks like I'm good to go. Thanks for OMV, it's great. :thumbup:

    I'm very behind in OMV versions, but it's been working good so far. But now I've seemed to run into upgrade issues, so I may need to do a wipe of OS and install OMV 3 or 4. Because I have 6 active disks in RAID6 configuration, what's the best way to do this? Should I just disconnect the data disks, install OMV 4, then restart with the 6 data disks plugged in again? Will that work without losing or having to reformat or re-initialize the RAID array?

    Thanks for your answer. I guess I've never had to upgrade since it has been working fine until a few weeks ago.


    I'm new to OMV and discovered it while looking into FreeNAS. Great system and wonderful GUI! Love it.

    When setting up my first NAS disk array, I struggled to determine if I should go with EXT4 or ZFS. I went with ZFS because it seems like it had more redundancy baked in. I have a 6 disk x 2T system, so I'm getting approx 4 x 2T of space (7.2T space actually).

    Everything is working great so far. Are there any periodic tools & disk checks I can use to verify that things are running on a weekly or monthly basis? SMART is enabled on all disks.