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    Hi Guys,

    so glad to meet you again!

    This time j've something wrong with the usb back up plugin. It works until now, perfectly, but from several days j've notice in the mail message the error IO Error Encountered Skipping File Deletion.

    I have verified that the file indicated in the error message is not actually deleted in the destination folder even if it has been deleted in the source folder.

    How do I solve this problem? It is serious that we can no longer trust the back up system ...

    Thanks for help!

    In the end j do that...

    j've inserted a new ssd in the nas where j moved the plexmediaserver if in the future j'll have problems with OMV disk or RAID, plexmediaserver will be always safe...

    Then j've done a backup in external hard disk of the entire plexmediaserver j've a second line of Backup of all the disks of my nas:

    OMV - img by clonezilla
    RAID - backup by usb backup periodically
    Plexmediaserver - backup manually

    What do you think about?

    Hi...j have another question...but if j change the disks to improve/change the raid, so my plex data base need to migrate from old raid to new can j do this operation? If j try to backup the directory plexmediaserver everything seems impossible to do because need administration permission...but j enter as root!!!! What's the problem?

    Sorry my english and the foolish question...but j'm beginner!

    ok ... the database volume is currently NASDisk [1.51 TiB (85%) used, 277.00 GiB available] which is basically the RAID5 of my data ... so it should already be in the data disk and not in the system disk OMV ... right?

    Instead, the directory is / srv / dev-disk-by-label-NASDisk / plexmediaserver ...

    So if I've understand, if I had to reinstall OMV and the same plugin Plexmediaserver, practically it would focus on that folder and read the same information?

    Or the plugin by default create e new database and j must point to the old database?

    Hello guys,I currently have 2t of contents analyzed by the plexmediaserver. If I were forced to redo the installation of omv from the beginning, I wondered if there was a way to save all the metadata of the plexserver so as not to have to reconstitute with the correct association of all the elements (covers, plots, titles, etc etc).How to proceed correctly to have an easily restored back up of all this information?Thanks for attention

    Yes ... unfortunately the value of Reallocated Sector Count is 9..mightly does not seem to increase...Anyway I can easily identify the disk in prefail, because it is a Western digital, and therefore has the WD sign unlike the other two that are seagate and have the ST sign. So it's easy for me to locate the disk ...PS: For back up I also try to handle geographic risk: every two months I make a second copy of back up and leave it in a hidden place at my parents' home...So in case of fire, theft or accidental damage I always have a second copy of back up's exaggerated??? :huh:

    Thanks very much for those informations! Very very clear and usefull!!!

    J do backup by usb backup every time adding something in my nas. So for my data all is ok!

    The disk in prefail has the Reallocated sector count value 9. Unfortunately j've not space for another disk, so j think j'll wait the disk failure and j'll substitute it like you say in the second process.

    Hello guys
    I have a raid 5 with three 1-TB disks. Now the smart service tells me that one of the disks is in prefail. When will it die, will it be enough to replace it and the raid will be reconstructed on its own or do I have to rebuild it? I hope not... ;(

    In the end what is the correct way to proceed when the disk will die?

    thanks for attention

    Yes...j've installed by ISO images...OMV 3.0.86 Erasmus...

    Now all is ok...even usb backup...the only problem is the mailing warning we talk about...

    PS: sorry...I did not think it was a problem posting future j'll post text only... :thumbsup:

    As soon as possible j'll post the syslog.'s possible that this problem is connected with the usb back up plugin? Because is the only plugin that doesn't work and the email alert has began after the plugin activation...